My galaxy cats shooting lasers fake nails. :0

3D nails, fastfood, Nyan cat, kitteh, cheezburger, Japanese, fake nails. $26.00, via Etsy.
Meow! Halloween Cat Nails. Love this idea for using fake press-on nails to get a pointy look just for one night! #halloween #halloweennails #nails #nailart
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An alternative product that some people like is called Soft Paws. It’s an acrylic nail that is glued over your cat’s nails so that they can’t do damage to furniture or people. They can be tricky to apply, and will fall off as your cat’s nails grow, so must be reapplied every 4-6 weeks or so. If your cat doesn’t like having her feet touched for nail clipping, she might not be thrilled to have you holding her paws to apply her fake nails. Again, offering treats as a reward, or trying one or two nails at a time might reassure her that bonding time with her person over a pedicure is actually a good thing. Oh, and for the fashion conscious, there are Soft Paws variations in fur-matching colors. Go figure. Cat Claws Fake Nails Glamour Nail SalonCat Style Claw Nails How to Work w/ Loose Nail Art Blanks PDF 20 Count (diy length wolf nails, full coverage costume, fake, opaque tips gluefake nails for cats...
Something about having fake nails makes you BFFs with any animal that enjoys pets. You can feel the waves of love coming off an animal you start scratch when you have fake nails. Dogs and cats love a person with acrylics nails, and I can attest to this because the neighborhood cat on my campus used to only let me pet him for a few seconds before walking away. Now he actively seeks me out when I walk by his hang out spot. We're BFF Goals now.Anybody who has ever met me . I typically make this clear (unintentionally) within the first hour or so of knowing somebody simply because I tend to bring up cats more than anybody I’ve ever met, which might sound manic pixie dream girlish, but I suspect it’s actually pretty annoying and I try my best to tone it down. That said, I cannot chill out about Kitty Caps, these fake nails for cats that an xoVain writer recently popped on her friend’s pet. I know, I know: it’s basically like Tumblr and Pinterest got together and decided to make a product that epitomized the Internet’s pleasantries."If you’re looking for fake nails of any sort, the most important thing you can do is check out salons near you and find ones that do a ton of extensions," she told me. Dedicated salons will have much more experienced technicians, she pointed out, since that’s their specialty.