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Both my cats are a bit on the chubby side, so I bought them a new toy called SlimCat. You fill the ball with food so they're forced to get exercise whenever they eat by playing with it. It took some time for them to figure it out, but they're getting the hang of it :3

This toy is the pur-r-r-fect choice to appeal to your cat's natural instinct for play and exercise. These bouncing balls are made from non-toxic rubber and are 1 1/4 inches in diameter. Cat using the exercise ball111 Results - Great but Cheap Cat Exercise Ball, Cheap Home & Garden, as well as Cheap and morePlaying with cat and exercise ball!! - YouTube
Cats are natural hunters, so use their instincts to motivate them. They like to pursue moving objects, so intrigue them with electronic mice that make a squeaking noise as they move, balls that light up or flash in motion, and catnip-scented toys that crinkle when your cat pounces on them. A simple, inexpensive option is a Ping Pong ball tossed down the hall. Other feline favorites are wand- and fishing-pole-type toys that dangle feather or fabric lures. It’s amazing how easy it is to get a cat to do spins and flips as he tracks the lure. (Just be sure he doesn’t have any orthopedic problems that could be worsened by jumping.) You can operate these toys from your recliner, exercising the cat while you watch TV.A surefooted and clever little cat uses an exercise ball to navigate the gap between the tabletop and the kitchen counter in this short video clip.This cat's owners thought it would be fun to put him atop an exercise ball but they quickly learned this was no their best idea when the cat lost balance and popped the ball as he rolled off of it.Move the ball side to side gently, in small increments, while supporting your cat. The movement will build muscles in his hind legs and exercise them without strain. Move the ball forward and back to strengthen muscles, build new muscles and improve his balance. Practice this exercise for about 10 minutes and give your kitty some treats for his patience.Get Fluffy off the couch and burning calories in a vigorous play session for several minutes each day. Simple cat toys are very effective for cat exercise. Most cats find it hard to resist the elusive red dot of a laser light; leading to plenty of running, leaping and pouncing. Many cats enjoy chasing a piece of yarn or a bunch of feathers, so lead Fluffy in several laps around the house. A plastic milk jug lid and a tile or vinyl floor is all it takes to start a vigorous game of cat hockey. A crumpled paper bag or ball of aluminum foil gets most cats off the couch and happily playing.The Ball of Furry cat toy taps in to your cat’s natural hunting instinct while providing plenty of exercise. A plush mouse is suspended inside a flexible open ball and gives a realistic mouse squeak when moved or rolled. The Ball of Furry provides kitty with much needed mental and physical stimulation.Curiosity did what to the cat? In this case, kept him occupied during the workday or long stretches when you’re away from home. The idea is simple: Strategically place catnip in the center contraption. Movement from the exercise ball stimulates air currents, enticing your cat to check out the intoxicating aromas and challenging him to free the ball from its captive trap. Fun, interactive, and prey-drive safe.Exercise ball (or Swiss ball, balance ball, fitness ball, pilates ball) manufacturers do a punctured ball for safety reasons. A broken ball should be replaced with new. The ball is designed to let you do all your exercises safely and without fear of the ball bursting out under you, and will be quite safe for your cats too.