So, in the end, we stick to Jill's rating of the emery cat board.

Siamese Cat On Blue - Pet Double-Sided Oval Nail File Emery Board Set 4 Pack
My cat loves his sisal scratching post but he won't go near this emery cat board. I tried sprinkling the included cat nip - didn't work. I tried luring him with food but he walked around the board to get the food. The same with the furry toy enclosed with the board. It was of mild interest to him, but only if he could access it without touching the board. I placed it vertically to mimic the position of his sisal post, and even temporarily replaced his sisal post with this - he simply went without his regular scratches until I put his sisal post back. I put him on the board to show him what it's for. I thought his natural instinct would instruct him to scratch it (since that's what his natural instinct instructs him to do with half the stuff in my apartment), but not with the emery board toy. Based on the many other reviewers here that describe their cats having a total lack of interest in this product, I question how much research was done with cats before this company mass manufactured it. Based on my experience I do *not *recommend. (By the way, I purchased this at Bed, Bath & Beyond.)
You can now find Emery Cat Board at retailers such as Target for about $8.
Emery Cat Board is the perfect solution for cats scratching behavior. Instead of scratching valuable furniture and other household items, the cat scratches and stretches on Emery Cat Board. This is a screen shot of the official Emery Cat Board website, captured in August 2013.Below is a television commercial for Emery Cat Board which ran a few years ago:Have you tried Emery Cat Board? Let us hear from you in the comments below.
Emery Cat is a honey comb design of actual nail filing stuff... So it's like a huge emery board. You pour cat nip on top of it and rub it in... The girls and Little Man instantly took to it. They love it!! This product is no joke and not a waste of money. You can also order refillers when needed. I intend to do so. I just thought I would let people know this is a great product as I know a lot of us are skeptical of ordering stuff we see on tv sometimes, as they can seem like a good idea but your pet hates it. This is not only a good idea but it is genius. Just don't be detered by the boring appearance. Your cat will see something you do not.Since that time I have found out that there are other stores that carry this Emery Cat Board on the shelf: Some Walmarts, Walgreens, Rite Aids, and another I can't think of right now. If this product is of interest to you, put in the leg work and call your local stores to see if they have it.Here is my review: I was going to order one of the Emery Cat Boards and give it to my sister as a gift. I considered this for my niece and my brother as well. So my thought was, I'll order one and get the second at the discounted price (just postage and handling). If it didn't work for one of the cats in question, it could be given to one of the other relatives. I figured I had a 2 out of 3 chance for the product being used. I went to the Emery Cat website and began the ordering process. I am on dial up so while pages were loading I was reading reviews regarding the Emery Cat Board. When the webpage requested a quantity, I put 2. One at regular price and one at the discounted price. The next webpage that loaded asked me if I would like the discounted Emery Board. Oops, I goofed. Go back one screen on Internet Explorer. Same screen loaded. Closed the browser and went back to the web page to start over. The page loaded back to the special offer page. At this point, I decided there would probably be a confirmation page and I could modify my order there. I selected that I did "not" want the doubled order. The page did nothing. I selected that I "did" want the double order and a new page began to load - and load - and continued to load. After a half an hour I closed the browser tab and decided I would try again at a later date. Within a few minutes I received an email notifying my order was processed and it would take 3 to 4 weeks for the delivery. It didn't say what the total was or what the name of the company would be for the charge. This all took place at about 11pm, so I decided I would call first thing in the morning. The email I received had their number and hours of operation.Your cat can give itself a pedicure!
Strong enough to support even larger cats
Your cat safely files its own claws each and every time
they play on it
Emery Cat™ Board's special arch design is perfect for
stretching and scratching
It's an idea that seems to have merit -- a scratch pad that actually trims your cat's claws. Unlike regular scratch pads made of cardboard or sisal, the Emery Cat has a honeycombed, emery board-like surface that is supposed to safely file down cats' claws, saving you from trimming them. The product has an arched design for stretching and scratching; also included are a feather toy attached to the base and a free bag of catnip.The replacement works exactly like the original Emery Cat, but this one comes together with a thicker surface and improved features, offering the cat a place to file and polish its nails. It also comes together with a bag of cat nip, so the cat can befriend the board faster and with positive results. Apparently, the surface is interesting enough for all cats to quit on clawing furniture or other objects in the house.