I need Wireless electric fence for my cat Outdoors

How It Works | Smartcats Stayhome - electrical wire on top of fence higher than 5 foot
When you purchase an electric fence for cats from Dog Guard, you’re allowing your cat the freedom to explore the outdoors right in your front or backyard while keeping it safe from diseases, parasites, cars, and predators. The system makes use of a transmitter placed somewhere in your home, often in your basement or your garage, and a special receiver on your cat’s collar. When your pet approaches a wire that is buried along the perimeter of your property, the receiver responds to a digital radio signal sent through the wire by the transmitter, resulting in a harmless correction for your cat in the form of a static pulsation. In time, mild corrections like this will deter your cat from approaching the wireless cat fence.
Outdoor electronic dog fences/ cat fences are solutions to these problems:
Are you putting more than one dog on an electric dog fence? No problem. You can have as many dogs, cats or a mixture of both as you would like. The only factor that is the same for all animals is how close they can get to the boundary wire. Each dog or cat’s correction level is determined by his own receiver collar. An electric cat fence system may not stop an animal coming in, a large animal may not be bothered by a mild shock.With an electric cat fence, you can safely keep your cat's great explorations limited to your own yard!We are moving with our young blind cat who is a jumper, to a complex that has an electric fence. How do we prevent him for jumping on to it?
Fortunately, Dog Guard also offers products that can help you protect your indoor cat. Electric fence technology isn’t just for dogs or the outdoors. We make that are perfect for keeping your cat from straying into forbidden territory in your house, whether that’s a bedroom, a closet, or a countertop. Our receivers can be adjusted for many different sizes and breeds, so you can pick an appropriate level of stimulation for your cat. We have a cat named Random who wants to go outside and we don’t know what to do. There are lots of dangerous animals in our area, and we don’t know how to make the outdoors safe for him. What do you think about putting up an invisible electric fence around our yard and then putting a collar on the cat that will shock him every time he tries to go through it? Will the electric shock hurt him? Besides the E-fence, are there alternatives?Electric fence products from Dog Guard are safe, effective, and veterinarian-approved, and they come with a money-back guarantee. Our receivers come with a lifetime warranty. If you’re a proud cat owner and you want to keep your indoor or outdoor cat safe, you might want to buy a cat containment fence from Dog Guard.Some cats are easily startled or frightened; others have high prey drives. A cat who is intensely chasing an animal is likely to chase the animal through the electrified zone, despite the shock. The potential reward of a meal on the wing, coupled with the thrill of the chase is the consuming directive, far outweighing the threat of an electric shock. An electric shock also takes the back seat to the survival instinct of escaping a potential predator. I know of one cat who was frightened by the bark of a dog and bolted through the fence. The cat kept on running as far away as possible from both the barking dog and the shock from the invisible electric fence. Invisible electric fences are not the safest or most humane solution for keeping cats inside yards. In calm circumstances, the fences normally keep cats within the designated boundaries. They can fail if a cat is highly agitated, excited or intent on hunting.Hello and welcome to Curticat Electric Fence– provider of safe and reliable fence solutions for your horses and other livestock such as cows, goats, and sheep. We specialize in the popular Electrobraid brand of electric fence due to its proven reliability, strength, and cost-effectiveness. Most importantly though, Electrobraid keeps your precious livestock safe and secure due to the nature of its braided design.