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Ear mites are tiny crab like parasites that usually live in and around a cat's ears.
I care for a colony of cats in Gran Canaria. All the cats have been neutered over the years, but the majority are wild ie not humanised at all.
So many of them appear to have ear mites and it would be great if there was something that could be put with their food that would help. To try and catch the cats to actually wipe their ears or put drops in is impossible!!
Any ideas?
Q: How do I know if my cat has ear mites? And if the symptoms match, how do I treat his ears?
Please make sure u check up and read on any ointments u put in your cats ears first, they are very sensitive and u could cause more damage to there ear drum and cause them more excruciating pain. Amazon sells every thing. Most important thing is to clean there ears with a proper ear cleaning solution 1 that keeps the ears dry, if there left wet then yeast and bacteria will grow which is as painful and more than mites. Don’t use any thing acidy while there are sores in the ears its like pouring acid on. Something kind and gentle like olive oil corn oil…almond oil high in vitamin e, what ever u do don’t go digging in the ears with cotton buds you will cause more damage, gently clean round where u can c with them and wipe the inside with cotton wool. Any thing in the ear canal will make its own way out. Keep it up for a solid 4 weeks.
To get rid of them of the face u need to get a spot on as they do travel on the body and keep them clean as possible around the ears face and tale. They need TLC. If ur funds are low use olive oil, u can even clean out the ear with oil and reply to drown the mites for there fur u do need a pestiside safe for cats. Cats are allergic to lots of dog products, there livers cant cope with toxic product and some oils like tea tree
If in doubt dont do it. Olive oil is a good cheap affective way. Im also treating mine … done so much research , vets products and i wish i stuck to good olive oil mineral oils. So, how do you know if your cat's irritated ears are infested with ear mites?Hand sanitizer is a great way to dry out your cat’s ears while at the same time eliminating any present ear mites.Treating ear mites in cats starts with cleaning out the cat's ears. The dry crusty wax may be softened with mineral oil prior to the cleaning.
Over the counter products like and are topical medications applied to your pet's ear to clear up ear mites. Treating ear mites brings your pet immense relief from the irritation of having an 8-legged mite crawling and reproducing in their ears. Not only can your pet hear the mite and feel it moving, but your pet is also in pain because mites cause itching, inflammation, and secondary bacterial infection.Ear mites can return and you may need to treat your pet more than once. Similar to fleas, ear mites lay eggs that have an extremely tough exterior, which makes it difficult to kill ear mites in one treatment. Eggs can be removed from your pet's ears or flushed out, however, most products used to treat ear mites won't kill ear mite eggs. Ear mite medications and products will generally only kill mites that have hatched. That's why most ear mite medications and products are used once, and repeated in 7 days—to give the eggs a chance to hatch out and be vulnerable to the medication. If you wait too long between treatments, though, there will be enough time for the hatched ear mite to lay more eggs. If the second medication dose is skipped, ear mites will appear to return—in truth, they never left because the eggs were not killed. Product solutions and liquids can kill ear mites only when the medication reaches the ear mite. To help the products work effectively you will need to remove the discharge and debris in your pet's ears. Removal is best done using a cotton swab with a rolling lifting motion. Discard the cotton swabs as soon as they pick up some debris so the material doesn't fall off the swab and back into the ear. Plan on using at least a dozen swabs. Take care not to pack the discharge deeper into the canal.Yes. However, ear mites have evolved to prefer dogs and cats rather than people. In people's ears, mites die without treatment after a few weeks, but they can be treated and removed as soon as they are diagnosed, just as they are for your pet. People who have had ear mites report that the infection nearly drove them insane because they could hear the scratching in their head, and because of the irritating sensation caused as the mites moved. People also report that they suffered from intense itching, heat, and inflammation.