just give cat nip or sumthin. earwax is gross

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To clean a dirty ear, moisten a cloth or cotton wad with mineral oil and wrap it around your little finger. Then insert your finger as far as it will go and gently wipe the surface to remove dirt excess wax and debris. Cats are naturally fastidious. They don't need their ears cleaned unless there is an excess amount of dirt or debris within.
Otoliths (ear wax rocks) removed from a cat's ear -- all due to allergies.
I am sorry your cats are troubled by this. It can be wax, an ear infection or an abscessed tooth. You can get oticlense in a pet supply store but it is best to have your vet check because you cannot see into the ear nor should you probe with a q-tip. Ear infections are very painful and must be treated with antibiotics: check out: Sphynx Cat Ninja is enduring a ear wax cleaning session by his Chihuahua Dylan.Aha, your cat gets high off earwax... Mines happy with cheeseOne more serious thing a build up of ear wax may indicate is feline herpes virus. In your cat's case, this is probably highly unlikely.
That black ear wax is not ear wax. It's ear mite poop. Clean the ears with a q-tip without going inside the ear. My husband used to instruct clients to "use it like a spoon" and scoop the crud out. Then with a cotton ball moistened with alcohol or just water clean them the best you can. If you use ear mite medicine on top of all that stuff you'll just have medicated poop and won't kill the mites. Go to you vet office and ask for ear mite medicine. Don't rely on some of those Walmart things and certainly not Sargent's or Hartz. If you have money to throw away, throw it my way! You need to treat 3 times a week for 3 weeks to totally rid the cat of the mites.Sounds like ear mites. I had a cocker that constantly had them and her ear wax was black. You will have to go to the vet and get the cat medicine to clean the ears and medication also.In general, cats don't need their ears routinely cleaned. As in humans, a little ear wax is necessaryfor healthy ears. There is a lot of variability in the amount of ear wax cats produce. Some catsproduce excessive amounts of ear wax. I have one cat that produces a ton of earwax. If this is the case with yourcat you will need to clean your cat's ears.To clean dirty ear folds you can use a cotton-tipped swab (Q-tip), but you must be very careful not to insertit into the ear canal. You may damage your cat's ear if you do so. If you insert the Q-tip intothe ear canal at the very least you will push wax and dirt further down into the ear canal,which will lead to a wax plug in the ear, or even an ear infection. I think it is best and safest to just use a gauze padand get out as much dirt and wax as you can with this.My cat had the same thing, but NO itching, so my vet knew it was not ear mites. Also, the flea meds I give him from the vet once a month also takes care of ear mites. The black crud Ramsey gets is just wax and my vet told me to just use a q-tip dipped in a little olive oil and clean the crud being careful not to dig deep. I do this at least once a month. Ramsey doesn't like it, but he's getting used to it and when we're done, he heads directly to the treat jar where he knows mommy gives him a treat afterward for being such a good boy.My 7 year old female Chocolate Siamese cat, Zooley, has had dark black build up in both her ears for the past 2 years. She is strictly indoors and not exposed to any other animals besides my other cat (2 yrs old, indoor only, doesn’t have the build-up in his ears) and my Chihuahua (2 years old, indoor, and goes in my backyard for potty). Also, she is on Nutro Indoor dry cat food. I have taken her to multiple veterinarians to get different opinions and I have been told that she just is over-producing wax and it is nothing to be alarmed by. I carefully clean her ears out every other day, which she hates but it is necessary to do so because of the amount of wax build-up. They took a sample and heated the sample under a microscope; they said they saw no yeast or anything alive. They prescribed some liquid ear medicine to use when it flares up, Tresaderm (15ml). Also, there is no odor from her ears, and she acts normal and playful, eats, drinks, potty’s, and not running a fever.