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Mats need to be removed before the bath or they will become worse. Never cut them out with a sharp-pointed tool such as scissors; you could cut the kitty if he jumps. Rip them apart into little knots and try working them out with a comb or your fingers. Sometimes powder can help too.Work large mats into smaller knots and work from the skin-side out. Skin under the mat is normally very tender and sore. An infection can occur if the mat is left too long. Keeping the cat clean is the best way to avoid mats. When Persians become greasy under the chest, and especially and under the armpits, small knots become large mats very quickly. Powder can help absorb some of the grease. I would suggest using soft white I recall in junior high school someone telling me she didn't have time to wash her hair so she used baby powder and brushed it through. Well, this works for the cats too, but please be careful and don't over do it and don't allow it to get in their eyes.If you simply cannot work those mats out, you might need to call on your vet or a groomer and get your cat a haircut. However, PLEASE make sure the groomer doesn't give your kitty some fungus or mites. You don't need to get a haircut to come home with a new problem or issue, and neither does your kitty. It's all in the grooming, and it's all about the foundational shampoo. You need to really look for a shampoo that will degrease and remove oils from the skin with out stripping the coat. Otherwise, instead of growing coat and fluff with every bath, you may actually find the hair shaft growth stunted and or even breaking off.Each color of coat may require a different . For example, Whites need a shampoo with a brightening or bluing formula to whiten the coat. Blacks need to be darkened and spared from too much light and drying. , and Reds need to redden their orange appearance. Bicolor's and Dilutes require a shampoo to bring out their dominant fur color, keeping in mind to also brighten the white. Shampoos are sold with colors of coats in mind, and will specify exactly what they are intended to do. Our Oatmeal Almond Shampoo can take care of any coat color and texture. To the untrained eye, a Persian cat most likely will appear clean even when dirty. Show cats are degreased and bathed to look their very best. The coat of a well-groomed Persian will not look separated or greasy. Many breeders degrease with either Dawn or Joy dish washing liquid in the bath water or Goop on a dry coat. But be careful, because degreasing can also strip a coat if moisture is not replenished when weekly show baths are given.
If you find that your cat absolutely cannot stand being bathed, then there are some dry powder cat shampoos available.
You shouldn’t give your cat regular baths because this will actually dry his skin out more. That is the opposite of what you’re trying to do. If your cat does need a bath because his curiosity got him into a sticky situation, try using a dry shampoo powder. A dry powder shampoo will be gentle on the skin while still absorbing the dirt and mess from your cat’s coat. The great thing about a dry powder shampoo is that you don’t have to use water like a traditional bath. That makes for a less stressed kitty, and a happy kitty parent. You just sprinkle on the dry powder, rub it all over your cat, and then rub them down with a damp cloth. Four Paws Magic Coat Dry Shampoo Powder For Dogs And Cats 7ozDRY POWDER SHAMPOO DOG CAT - PET NATIONDRY POWDER SHAMPOO DOG CAT: Magic Coat Dry Shampoo Powder
No. The plant botanicals in the are included in powdered form and safe for cats. We understand that cats tend to self-groom, rest assured while we do not advocate feeding the dry shampoo to your cat, it will not cause them any harm.Brush your cat's coat completely before applying the dry shampoo. This will help loosen any dirt or shed hair, getting them out of the wayprior to shampooing. If you're using a commercially available product, such as a powder or mousse, follow label instructions carefully. Some products don't require brushing after application, but many do. If you're using a product that requires brushing, be sure to brush or comb all traces of the shampoo out of your cat's fur before turning her loose, because she will likely continue the grooming routine on her own. Alternatives to commercial dry shampoos include corn starch, unscented talcum powder and bran. Bran, which is readily available at grocery stores or at pet stores as food for bunnies, can be spread onto a cookie sheet and warmed in the oven. When it is warm, but not hot, to the touch you can massage it into your cat's coat and then leave it on for several hours. Magic Coat Dry Shampoo Powder for Dogs, Puppies, Cats and Kittens cleans easily and thoroughly by absorbing dirt from your pet's coat. It will leave your pet's coat smelling fresh and clean while giving it a lustrous shine. It is so mild and gentle, it can be used as often as needed.