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Freedom Pet Pass doors gives you several options for getting the perfect size of door for your cat
All Freedom Pet Pass doors are veterinarian and kennel approved, and we use only safe and non-toxic materials in the construction of our doors. We have designed our doors without hinges or springs that can pinch or harm your cat. The pet door itself is made from flexible material to prevent injuries that can occur with rigid materials. We are proud to say that we have never received a report of a pet being injured in a Freedom Pet Pass door.
The locking security panel comes standard on all Freedom Pet Pass cat doors.
The challenge for making an airtight seal on a cat door is that the seal has to be strong enough to withstand the force of wind, yet easy for a small cat to open. We’ve solved this problem with a combination of proprietary magnet technologies and our unique double flap design. Our doors with DoubleMag Technology make an airtight seal – tested to withstand the equivalent of a 25 mph wind – yet let pets enter and exit with no effort. It seals like a refrigerator, but “unzips” like a zipper when pets want to enter or exit. The Bottom Line: Passive leaks around cat doors waste WAY more energy than slow moving cats.for all Brands of Pet & Cat DoorsYay! You're now following cat door in your .
Looking for a new cat door? Our cat doors were designed to keep your Ideal Pet out of harm’s way and prevent unsupervised mischief. From the perkiest puppy to the classiest cat, Ideal Pet Products offers a variety of dog doors and cat doors that match your pet’s sense of adventure. Enjoy the freedom of both with your new Ideal Pet Door.Our Ideal Pet Cat Doors have been uniquely created to keep your kitty out of trouble and help prevent injury. Our cat door selections include doors with collar sensors, cat flap doors, the super-popular electronic cat door, and more!

Browse our wide array of cat doors and choose the best fit for your family.What makes a cat door different than a dog door? Technically, nothing! But cat doors are usually rigid flaps, and of course are smaller in size than dog doors. Cats can use dog doors, and tiny dogs can use cat doors, it just depends on sizing!We know that Ideal Pets come in all shapes and sizes, so we offer products that fit your family’s needs. This large cat door is specially designed for cats weighing up to 25 pounds.Where can you install your cat door? Cat doors can go many places that dog doors cannot! Cats are much more agile than dogs, so usually all sash (up and down closing) windows are safe bets for cat doors! Usually if you need to add something, it will just be a step on one or both sides and the cat can jump the rest of the way. Though maybe not for the most timid of cats, the Endura Flap in the Thermo Sash 3e is a great option as the Endura Flap is flexible, which can be more favorable for pets, and the entire unit is extremely weather-proof compared to similar products on the market. There is also the option to have the SureFlap Microchip Pet Door in the Thermo Sash, which is perfect for homes where intruder animals are a concern! The SureFlap Microchip Pet Door can use a collar key OR your cat’s already embedded microchip to grant access to only the cats you choose to allow inside. No more neighbor cats or other critters!There is nothing wrong with getting a small size dog door for your cat if you want them to have a bit more room. Something you’ll want to consider when getting larger pet doors for your cat is that the flap might be heavier and therefore more challenging for your cat to push open. Some cats get along just fine with even large dog doors, but others are more timid and will refuse to use them! In some cases, the cat might be able to be trained to use the bigger doggie door, but sometimes it simply will not work out.The is an interior cat door passageway that is designed to be ridiculously cute yet highly functional. Shaped with ears on the front side of the hole and with a tail on the back side of the hole, this cat door allows your cat to have a wide opening to pass through doors comfortably.