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Cat Decor Cat silhouettes Door or Window Trim Toppers.
→ Plexidoor uses a FRID frequency collar tag, which is too large for cats and small dogs. They only operate at a short distance, approximately 1 foot away. This is a problem for large dogs, which by nature with their long neck, will logically stand 2 to 3 feet away from the door, which can make the dog frustrated and claw and pound on the door and trim work trying to get it to open.
CAT DECOR, CAT silhouettes Door or Window trim toppers.
With our automatic electronic pet door, your dog or cat can go in and out whenever it wants. You get piece of mind and your pet gets more exercise to burn off excess energy, and can relieve itself whenever needed, which means a happier, healthier pet. With our motorized pet door, you will also say goodbye to waking up in the middle of the night to your pet’s whining and begging to go out!Solo pet doors keep indoor cats safely inside if desired, and lets the dog out using a small activation pet tag attached to the collar.Solo pet doors are locked in the closed position for added security, and we offer a built-in intruder alarm as an optional feature. Purchasing a pet door for a big dog comes with the risk that a human may fit through the pet door. Fortunately, our electronic pet doors only open for your dog or cat via a small pet tag attached to their collar to protect your family and your home. No intruders like raccoons, possums or any other wild intruders can enter your home.Only your pet can activate the pet door. Strays, raccoons, possums and other unwanted visitors are left out in the cold.Forget those clunky, flapping pet doors. The grooved, sliding door feature provides excellent weather protection not offered by flapping doors. Solo pet doors eliminate drafts, which prevent air conditioning and heat loss. Even a hurricane force wind cannot blow your doggie door or cat door open, guaranteed!The vertically sliding motorized pet door is electronically activated by a small pet tag, which is easily and comfortably attached to your pet’s collar. The distance sensitivity and the pet door’s opening time can be adjusted at your discretion as the pet becomes familiar with the pet door. All our pet doors are compatible with electronic fences.Our attractive pet doors are made of bronzed, transparent lexan and framed in sturdy, dark black, anodized aluminum. The interior trim plate is made of white textured acrylic which can be painted if desired. You may also order black interior trim. The exterior trim is black to conceal dirt.All Solo Pet Doors operate on 120 volts of power (Normal house current). A power cord comes with each pet door. Pet doors are also available for internal hard-wiring during construction phase for wall installations. Door Resters, Cat silhouettes Door or Window Trim Toppers. "SET OF TWO"Door Resters, Cat silhouettes Door or Window Trim Toppers. "SET OF TWO"Door Resters, Cat silhouettes Door or Window Trim Toppers. "SET OF TWO"
Measure the thickness of the house door where you want to install your pet door. A standard exterior house door is 1 3/4" thick, so if you choose a pet door with a FRAMING DEPTH of at least 1 3/4" it will extend through your house door and cover the rough cut edges. Or it will cover the gap between the inner and outer skins of a hollow core door. If you prefer to do the framing yourself, or if you have a thinner house door or panel, we have pet doors with framing depths from 0" to 2". All plexidor small cat doors, medium and large dog doors and extra large dog doors have a framing depth of 1 3/4". The plexidors door units trim out the cut hole very nicely.We took the door down, sanded the flaking paint and repainted it. At the same time, I repainted the door casing. The door and the casing were an off-white and just looked a bit dingy. Bright white paint helped so much! My favorite paint for wood is Benjamin Moore Advance and I love having Valspar Ultra White color-matched to BM.After painting the door, I deglossed, primed and painted the door hardware.So, onto the how-to for the cat door.I picked up two square picture frames at Hobby Lobby. Using the picture frame as a guide, I marked the square on the door where I wanted the insert to sit. Using a large drill bit, I drilled into the door to get a hole. Then, I placed my jigsaw in the drilled out hole and cut the square out.*Tip: Make sure to cut the inside of the picture frame size out not the outside. You want to use the picture frame as your trim.Cut the wood trim into lengths that match the cat door’s dimensions; this should be done for both sides of the door. Secure the pieces of wood trim using screws while constantly using the level to confirm straightness. The cat door should now be ready for the installation of a privacy flap.If trying to get doors open - how about cat doors or passageways? We have made a couple three small cat openings in interior walls, trimmed out nicely with a bit of molding and MDF. The cats travel room to room as they please.