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I’ve seen cat doors that are activated by a tag that kitty wears on her collar, but this is even better. The cat door is activated by your cat’s microchip, so there are no collars or tags to loose. Easy to install in any door or wall, you simply set the SureFlap to recognize your cat’s microchip ID (it can memorize up to 32 IDs!) and then when kitty approaches the door it automatically unlocks. You can also manually lock the door to allow cats to enter only, exit only, or prevent both entering and exiting. The system is battery operated and includes a low battery indicator when it’s time to change the batteries.
Microchip Activated Cat Door
Activated by your cat's microchip, this unit eliminates the problems of other cats entering your house. Because it uses the existing microchip, there is no need for a bulky, uncomfortable collar.

It also features a "night mode" which monitors outdoor light levels, and when it gets dark, the door automatically locks until the sun rises again in the morning. Your cat is kept safe at home at night. This cat door is activated by your cat's microchipcat door or an electronic cat door activated by your cat's microchip.This cat door is activated by your cat's microchip.
As the microchipped cat comes closer to the door, a reader or scanner on the tunnel is designed to read the microchip and recognize the unique ID. Upon recognition, the latch is automatically unlocked, allowing cats to push through the cat door using its head or nose. This unit works with passive RFID technology, which means locking mechanism to open is not triggered by the implanted microchip. The microchip stores the data, while waiting for the scanner to recognize it.
The interior frame of SureFlap Microchip Cat Door consists of two sensors for reading the microchip. First is the motion sensor which is activated when the cat approaches the cat flap. The second one is the radio frequency (RF) reader which is activated for reading the microchip. After the microchip ID is recognized and data is stored in the memory, the latch automatically unlocks. This requires the cat to push the cat flap in order to get in. When the cat has finally entered the SureFlap Microchip, the door automatically closes because of the force of strong magnet acting on it.There are many things that make cat doors convenient, so we do recommend you to consider accessories and all little extras. For example, a lot of doors feature a lock to prevent access of strange cats and rodents into your house. Some doors are microchip activated. They are highly secured and allow for entrance of your own cat only. The doors with microchip can store several cats in memory, so even if you’ve got several pets, all will have free access through this door. A lot of people look for adjustable doors in the width or in the height. They blend into the interior better and fit most facades. Make sure to consider all above-listed features and then, make your pick. In our review you'll find only the best cat doors!Just like other cat doors, the Cat Mate Elite ID Microchip Disc cat door works using the RFID technology to activate the door, and allow the cat’s entry. Your cats will need to wear tags which feature a unique identification. Once the tags have been read by the system, the door will be unlocked, allowing your cats to enter.Customers will also notice that Microchip pet doors are only made for cats and very small dogs. The main reason for this is found in understanding how RFID works. With RFID technology, you need an antenna that is longer than expected. This is typically wrapped around the frame or tunnel of the pet door. The activation with RFID is usually within a short distance...typically a matter of inches. As a result, you do not see doors for use with larger dogs as they stand and would be farther away from the pet door as compared to a small pet.