Plant Pro-Tec Dog and Cat Repellent (PP-RDC12)

DEET and other human insect repellents should not be applied to dogs or cats.
It has a very strong lemon smell which cats and dogs find uncomfortable to be around while they do their business, so they go find somewhere else to use as a toilet. This cat repellent is used to break the habit that these pests have got into of using your lawn as a toilet.
Has anyone tried liquified hot chile sprayed on plants as a cat or dog repellent?
Dogs urinating on trees, particularly newly planted, young trees, can be quite damaging. with I Must Garden Dog & Cat Repellent you can stop dogs from urinating on trees. To keep dogs away from trees, you can use either our granular repellent, our spray repellent or a combination of both. Generously sprinkle at least three foot wide band of repellent all around the base of tree. Create a boundary around the tree you want to protect. As the dog approaches the tree, it will be repelled by the scent and go somewhere else. Initially, you may want to apply the repellent every 5-7 days and after heavy rains. After breaking the habit apply as needed to maintain control. Bonide go away rabbit dog and cat repellentI Must Garden Dog & Cat Repellent comes in a variety of ready-to-use spray and granular sizes.I Must Garden Dog & Cat Repellent comes in a variety of ready-to-use spray and granular sizes.
The product that I always recommend to anyone searching for ways to keep dogs out of their yard is a motion activated sprinkler. Besides being one of the funnest toys I have ever owned, It is also the best dog repellent available. No other product will work 24/7 to keep dogs off your lawn as effectively as this device will. They are specifically designed to keep dogs, cats and skunks away from your home. All you need to do is hook it up to your hose. It combines sound and movement with a burst of water to get rid of any intruders (and it is really fun to watch)!Product code - Cat and Dog Repellent Crystal gel STV619 Cat and Dog Repellent Spray STV625

Cat and Dog Repellent from Defenders is a natural active repellent formulated using natural aromatic plant oil. It deters cats and dogs from fouling on lawns, patios and gardens without harming them. Either a spray or easy to use crystal gel with up to 200m2 coverage. Repeat the treatment every 48 hours or until cats and dogs are successfully deterred.Is it any good? I review Rosewood Get off Dog and Cat Repellent. Best local prices USA .
I answer the questions: Is it any good? Who can use it? Would I use it? For a full in depth review
Is cat and dog repellent crystals the best deterrent for you. This is one of the better gel based products on the market at the moment that anyone can use, even users with their own pets!

Keeping cats and dogs out of your garden and stopping them from using it as a toilet is a big problem for many home owners. I am looking into the problem by reviewing cat and dog repellents and finding out if they work and which is the best.
For a full report visit my website Rosewood Dog and Cat Repellent is an easy to use bright green gel, containing jellied crystals that you squirt around areas that you wish to discourage cats and dogs from using as a toilet.Get your garden back! A very easy to use cat and dog repellent that will rid your garden and lawn from cats and dogs that think it is their toilet. As you can target specific areas with this spray it is suitable for cat and dog owners too.Get off my garden is an easy to use outdoor cat and dog repellent… Do not use indoors! One buyer of the product used it indoors and made the room unusable even for humans!