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Parasites don't want to kill your kitten or puppy; they just want to use them as a dinner plate! Our goal is to prevent that from happening. Intestinal parasites have been around forever and are not going away, but you can control them with the proper deworming schedule. Hookworms and roundworms are by far the most common intestinal worms found in puppies and kittens. Roundworms compete with your pet for food, while hookworms live on blood, causing anemia.

Rough hair coats, diarrhea, malnutrition progressing to intestinal obstruction, and anemia are common issues with worms. We want to feed our pets - not the parasites. That is why we deworm dogs and cats. Don't wait until you are sure your pet has parasites because they have already caused damage at this point.
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I rescue animals. I have 2 dogs and presently have 10 cats. My complaint was that drontal was so big I couldn't hide in food for suspicious cats. I received my dewormer yesterday. I was so excited. I opened the bottle and was so disappointed. They are huge. So sad.... Bayer Expert Care Tapeworm Dewormer Cat Tablets VitaminsBayer Expert Care Tapeworm Dewormer Cat Tablets VitaminsCat Health Dewormers Vitamins Supplements For Cats Petsmart
Frequently prescribed deworming medications are Drontal, Cestex or Inteceptor tablets. Typically, cats aren't used to swallowing pills, so administering these drugs can be challenging. One method is to disguise the tablet in a soft cat treat or a portion of tuna or cheese. You can also mix a crushed pill into your cat's food. In this case, it's important for her to eat the entire serving. Otherwise, she may not get the complete dose of the drug. Frequently worming adult cats every three months generally treats and prevents infestation. New cats should be wormed immediately and two weeks afterwards for best results. Kittens can start treatment at 6 weeks old and then at 8 and 10 weeks. Since kittens commonly obtain worms from their moms, frequent worming can prevent further infestation and other symptoms of tapeworm such as anemia and bloatedness. When preparing to deworm, keeping the feline's environment clean and parasite-free will help prevent further infestation. Cats become infested by roundworms either by consuming eggs frominfected soil, usually by normal grooming, by nursing from an infectedmother cat or by eating a rodent carrying the worms in the larvalstage. These worms actually consume food before the cat can receivenourishment from it, so you may see symptoms such as diarrhea, vomitingor a pot-bellied appearance. Occasionally, the worms themselves can bevomited. These can reach lengths of up to seven inches long andresemble cooked spaghetti. If left to multiply, these worms can causepneumonia or blockages in the intestines. Regular deworming forroundworms is recommended for outside cats who hunt rodents, andkittens, as they are frequently assumed to have come into contact withthe larvae of this worm.A cat dewormer is meant to rid a feline of harmful parasites. However, these products have side effects that cat owners should be aware of.Intestinal worms and heartworms are predominant in cats. We can eradicate them by availing various cat-worming treatments. Treated cats also have chances of being infected again when exposed to the outdoor space. Apart from the surroundings, these parasites also enter the host’s body from the food they take. For example, when a cat eats a worm infected rodent or bird; she absorbs these parasites from her prey. To avert all these issues, periodic deworming of cats becomes the only solution. Cat wormers thus form a vital part of any cat’s routine health care.Add food-grade diatomaceous earth to all of your cat's meals. Diatomaceous earth is a sedimentary rock that can be ground to a powder and sprinkled on food. It is often used as an insecticide because it absorbs lipids from insects and kills them through dehydration. Many farmers use it to deworm livestock. Sprinkle about an ounce on each meal.