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Sofa Scram Sonic Dog and Cat Deterrent Repellent Mat * Click image to review more details.
Comprehensive research in strict adherence to theGovernment of Canada's Pest Control Product Act, has beenconducted by a pest control expert from Simon FraserUniversity in British Columbia. It established the Scat Matto be almost 100% effective in deterring cats to avoid specificlocations. The research in field study situations involved over40 cats and addressed both effectiveness and safety.
PawPawz Pet Trainer Furniture Protector Dog and Cat Deterrent Cover Mat (Sofa)
· Put down sharp-edged gravel beneath feeders—or, under a shallow layer of dirt or mulch, bury small-gauge chicken wire, a plastic carpet runner with the knobby side up, or a deterrent mat such as the Cat Scat brand. Cats don't like walking on these types of irregular surfaces. Cat Deterrent (for dogs too!) Cat Scat Mat - 78" x 11" Roll | from Gardener's Supply in VermontCat Deterrent (for dogs too!) Cat Scat Mat - 78" x 11" Roll | from Gardener's Supply in VermontCat Deterrent (for dogs too!) Cat Scat Mat - 78" x 11" Roll | from Gardener's Supply in Vermont
Scat mats are placed around gardens or in potted plants to deter cats, dogs and other animals from digging, laying around or using it as a litter box. They are made of weatherproof brown prickly plastic teeth that are irritating deterrents, but still harmless, humane and chemical-free.Dogs like to get up on furniture for similar reasons people do. A few people like to be lounging on a floor, however chairs and sofas in a house is quite normal and sees a lot of use. As with people, plenty of household pets, particularly cats and dogs have aching joint issues which make sleeping on a floor a painful experience. Pets like to be comfortable! When you are not going to let your pets on a couch, sofa or other furniture, include a dog bed or cushion featuring the best padding as well as warmth to suit a cat or dog’s needs. A pet bed or floor cushion doesn’t need to be costly. A homeowner might shop for egg crate foam typically used as human mattress pads. Cut the foam padding c the best dimensions, and then wrap it in an extra sheet for a cool seeking dog, alternatively cover the pad in an unused blanket for a warmth seeking dog. With a few pets you will want a warm spot for a portion of the year and cool area for the rest of the seasons. After a cat or dog dog developed the habit of jumping up on a chair or couch, training them not to can be an effort. When you would like to keep a dog or cat off your home furniture, the ideal option is to begin any puppy or new cat or dog in an house using “off the furniture” to be the steady rule. That means all family members must never let a dog or cat on a sofa or chair. Only a single uncooperative family member could destroy the pet’s training and produce a environment which unfair to a pet. Others find a deterrent repellent mat made for sofas or counter tops can keep a pet from jumping on a couch. They produce a small shock to startle to cat or dog. A person can not have a Pet Deterrent Mat on a couch when you are sitting on it.Scat Mat large pet dog cat deterrent
Large scat mat for keeping pets off furniture, counters, etc. 48 x 20 I have 2 of these available. $35 each. X-Mat Foldable Pet Sofa Couch Deterrent Training Mat

Train dogs and cats that an area is a pet free zone. lay the mat down and pointy nubs discourage paws from stepping on it. Recommended by professional trainers to keep animals off of furniture and tables. Place on any of the following to keep it a pet free: Beds, Sofas, Doorways, Tables, Chairs, Plants.
Sonic Dog Cat Sofa Couch Deterrent Mat

Sofa Scram Activated activated with the touch of a paw, a battery operated Sofa training pad emits startling high decibel beeps which startles dogs or cats off furniture quickly! The sound is irritating enough to an animal to make the floor more appealing than the furniture. It works effectively without shock or pain to your pet. Trains Dogs and Cats
The Sofa Scram Sonic Dog and Cat Repellent Mat is an effective deterrent and training tool for use with your pets. When in the market for this type of training product you need to consider how it may impact you. If sudden bursts of sound bother you less than concerns over the “shock treatment” featured by similar products then this pet repellent mat may be right for you.