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Cat Dancer Replacement Mouse for Mouse In The House Interactive cat toy Replacement Toy only
Max was around for 19 years and collaborated on many of the follow-up toys, including the Cat Charmer, a strip of brightly colored fleece attached to the end of a plastic wand. The Cat Charmer, now with sales of 8 million, has begun to outsell the Cat Dancer.
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In 1983 Cat Dancer was the first nationally marketed interactive cat toy (toys designed to be used by a cat and their owner simultaneously). According to a recent survey by the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association, 40% of all the cat toys now sold in the US are interactive in nature. CatDancer Catnip Cat Dancer ToyCat Dancer Replacement Mouse for Mouse In The House Interactive cat toy Replacement Toy onlyCat Dancer Compeat Toy – Deserving Paws
New! Cat Dancer Pro-Model; here is a Cat Dancer with a comfortable handle and our exclusive ‘Cage Clip’ so you can clip the toy to a cage or carrier to help your cat play while he is confined.For chase and fetch play we have three toys called Chasers, RingTail Chasers, Whisker Chasers and BowTie Chasers which are all made from the same cardboard we use on the Cat Dancer and a bit of the fleece used in the Cat Charmer. These ingredients will combine in your cat’s imagination to create irresistible play, chase and fun.Cat Dancer Compleat includes a soft paw to attach to your wall or other vertical surface so the cat can play with the toy when you don’t have time or are away from home.Cat Dancer is proud to have a devoted network of retail stores around the world that support our brand and our toys. These stores are the foundation of our success and we urge our potential customers to search them out for our products and the best advice and support for all their pet needs.The Wall Scratcher is a scratching surface for cats to use to remove the outer sheath of their claws to expose the fresh healthy nail underneath. Using Command strips which hold it securely to your wall without damaging the surface, the wall scratcher is vertical just like the trees cats use in nature. It includes a Cat dancer toy that makes it into a play station for cats. "It's inexpensive and it works," Cat Fancy magazine wrote in 1995, when it inducted the Cat Dancer into its Hall of Fame. "The most classic cat toy ever," attested cat owner Alex Hinman as he waited to pick up his felines at a Milwaukee-area veterinary clinic. Boelke's closest collaborators, however, were never venture capitalists, post-grad researchers or web developers. He owes much of his success to Jake and Elwood, two cats whose lives he saved when he was in college. The felines returned the favor by inspiring Boelke to invent one of the most popular toys in all of catdom: the Cat Dancer, a simple 3-foot length of bouncy steel wire, tipped at the ends with twisted stubs of cardboard ($2.99 at many pet stores).Several years ago, Calvin Klein’s cat Max appeared on a celebrity-cat calendar with a blurb saying that the Cat Dancer was Max’s favorite toy. “I never figured out how to write to Calvin Klein and thank him, because he doesn’t have his address on the jeans,” Mr. Boelke said.