Cutting hair on long haired cats

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(Those video are not designed for cut own hair.
You can try but it might not work...)
To the individual cutting heffy's (the grey cat on reed st) hair. Thanks I guess.. But who are you?? and why are you cutting my cats hair??
If you are going to be cutting cat hair, useelectric clippers that are especially designed for use on pets. Turnthem on and let your cat get used to the sound. Let her sniff them. Youcan also buy scissors made specifically for cat trimming such as or a cordless electrictrimmer for head and face such as the . Cat Hair Fashion Accessory Svg, Cat Svg, Cat Sign Svg, Pet Svg, Digital Cutting File, DXF, JPEG, SVG Cricut, svg Silhouette, Print FileScissors cutting hair barber stylists hairdressers cats children boys girls sofas sewing dogs art craft trees fruits plucking vintage VictorianCat Sullivan is the newest member of the talented and educated team at Cutting Edge Hair, Etc
I apologize, but I've never understood why someone would cut a cat's fur like that. I think the "lion" look is a little silly - I'd just keep it long, and make sure you brush it every day, like you're supposed to. That'd get rid of the piles of fur, etc.

I think it was my vet that told me this... I'm not sure, but I've heard that cutting a long haired cat's fur doesn't really help them cool down any. It's kind of like insulation. Cat Sullivan is the newest member of the talented and educated team at Cutting Edge Hair, Etc. First-time clients who book a color and cut with Cat, will get their hair cut for free! Call to book your appointment today.I heard a great tip. Wrap each paw with Coflex tape, the tape they use to wrap your arm when you give blood. There is no stickum but it sticks to itself. That said, when my wife saw how I was cutting off my cats hair she started to cry..... not tears of joy. Guess I should have gotten permission. This short video show how you can shave your long haired cat at home and save some money at the same time. I used a cordless shaver that is quite powerful and quiet. They are the Wahl Arco SE Limited Edition Cordless Clippers which I would definitely recommend to anyone.
Try to always shave with the grain of the hair and not against it because not only will you not get a consistent look there is more of a chance of nicking your pet. I shaved Mr. Snuffles myself but he is a mellow cat and you will probably want a helper when you try it. I would highly suggest cutting their nails beforehand as well.
I am not a groomer and have no prior experience with pet grooming other than reading the directions that come with the clippers and some trial and error. Always read all directions that come with whatever clippers you purchase and shave your pets at your own risk.Cat graduated from MSTC-Wisconsin Rapids Cosmetology School. She enjoys giving clients facials, hair cutting, and coloring. She especially enjoys alternative hairstyles and loves to experiment with coloring and cutting techniques and fun colors. With education and experience, Cat looks forward to being the best stylist she can be. Cat’s niche service is dreadlocks: natural and/or synthetic."Cutting cat hair shouldn't be necessary if you are combing and grooming your cat regularly. A cat's skin is very delicate so using anything sharp to cut hair can be dangerous. Consider using blunt scissors or a professional groom if matting is an issue."