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I have seen an organization bring in a person that I had pegged at a shooting star. A few months later I was wrong, this person was a cat with a laser pointer attached to its collar. That cat was the cause of so much damage that it will take years to clean up the mess. This person was in the ever enduring chase of the “new shiny” that they never fixed the underlying problems of their department. They were so convinced that technology was the problem. Well, it was to a point… it just wasn’t the root cause of the problem.
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I think we have all seen what a cat does with a laser pointer. If not, go to YouTube and I am sure you can find a video. Now, just imagine that laser pointer attached to a cats collar. That cat, in its pursuit of the little red dot, will run around and bump into everything in its way. The wake of destruction can be overwhelming and worst of all; it will never catch that red dot going all over the place. Best of all, someone else will need to clean up the mess. 3 colors Funny Pet Cat toys Interactive Laser Pointer Dog Amusement Exercise Frolica toy Cat scratcher gatosIt's a pet collar attachment that points a red laser dot wherever your dog or cat is ..ThinkGeek's collar-mounted laser pointer will turn your pet into Laser Cat
This is the $10 Laser Collar Pet Toy available . It's a pet collar attachment, so they have something to chase because you're too lazy to wave the laser pointer around for them. It's perfect for the pet owner that wants their pet to pass out from running into walls too much. Attach them to all your cats' collars and watch them run around in the dark like little snipers on meth! On a scale from 1 to 10, how scary would it be to wake up in the middle of the night to a couple red laser dots pointed in your eyes? To me that would be at least a 12, especially since I don't have any pets or laser pointers in the house.Above I talked about shooting stars. Shooting stars can have some or all of the above traits that Jim Collins talks about in the doom loop. But, what is worse than a shooting star? Cats with laser pointers attached to their collars!The Laser Collar Pet Toy solves that problem by letting you put the laser pointer right on a pet’s collar. That way, they’ll be chasing a laser beam dot shooting straight out of their own collars, just like a dangling carrot that they’ll never ever catch. Plus, you have a pet with a laser literally blasting right out of their necks, instantly making them ten times (yes, we came up with this number scientifically) more awesome than all the other dogs and cats in the neighborhood.When hiring to solve a problem, take your time and do some soul searching to understand what is the true problem before you hire (or promote) someone to fix the problem. Make sure you hire a leader and not a Shooting Star or a Cat with a laser pointer attached to its collar.Shooting stars generally fade out of an organization quickly. They are seen for what they are exited before they can do any long-term damage. Thy may be able to slow the flywheel down but never get enough effort to stop it, change its direction, or turn it into a doom loop. However, cats with laser pointers attached to their collars seem to stick around longer and do the most amount of damage and make a doom loop worse or put an organization into a doom loop.Actually... I have something similar! lol. I don't remember where, but I once picked up a couple laser pointers that you attach to a velcro collar on your cat. It keeps Simone occupied for quite some time!! Pumpkin is too smart for laser pointers though; she always tries to get the pointer itself instead of the dot