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Included in this offer is our Training Kit: Click Your Way to a Better Cat
Now, we’ll go over how to teach your cat the “sit” command, because - though clicker training is a wonderful tool to train a cat to do things like use a scratching post, use a litter box, and teach other wanted 'cat-behaviors'- it's also fun to have a kitty that will actually sit when you tell him to!
Clicker Training Kit for Cats
Martin aims to improve the public perception of cats and to promote their welfare during her show. "We use our show as an entertaining demonstration of what cats are really capable of, as well as the healthy benefits of clicker training." Martin demonstrates the technique in the show, training a kitten or cat to learn some new tricks. She explains that training can build richer relationships between cats and their humans; can be life-saving in emergencies when cats are trained to go to their carrier at the sound of a whistle; and can prevent behavioral problems, while providing physical exercise and mental stimulation. "'We hope people are inspired to train their own cats,' Martin said. 'They enjoy the training. They want you to work with them.'" Clicker training kits are made available for purchase at shows and online. Cat Training Kit - Karen Pryor Clicker Training Store - ShopifyGetting Started: Clicker Training for Cats [print, eBook] (see also Getting Started Kit).Getting Started: Clicker Training for Cats Kit - Cat ..
My cats LOVE their clicker tricks. It is a GREAT way to communicate with them. When they were kittens, they would purr as soon as they saw the clicker come out. Now, they just come running! Here’s what they can do: come, sit, shake, high five, nose to stick (target), beg, turn around, go in their carrying cases upon request, go into their playpen upon request, be wrapped in a towel upon request, wear a harness, cut their toenails. My asthma cat learned to use his inhaler with clicker training, too. I need to come up with some more tricks, because they love learning new things!If you're litter training a new kitty, click and reward him when he uses his litter box. If you're introducing a new pet into the household, click and reward whenever your existing cats are friendly with the new pet. See how this works? Click and reward any and all desired behaviors!Clicker training can be used to teach cats such as shaking hands, rolling over and jumping through hoops on cue, and it’s also very effective for stopping unwanted behaviors and building . Clicker training also helps cats feel secure, it reduces stress, it strengthens the bonds between cats and their people, and it is mentally stimulating. It is a great way to focus the cat away from the problem behavior while giving the cat something more acceptable and fun to do. It is one of the tools in my virtual took kit, useful for helping my clients change annoying cat behaviors. Karen Pryor's "Don't Shoot the Dog" revolutionized dog training and turned trainers on to Clicker Training. Now you can learn how to use operant conditioning to shape behavior in all creatures-humans, dogs, cats, other creatures; then get Karen's Start-Up Kit, which is a great (and inexpensive) introduction to clicker training. The kit includes Clicker Training for Dogs booklet which explains how dolphin training and dog training use the same scientific principles, clicker training instructions for basic obedience, 2 clickers and a copy of Don't Shoot The Dog News. Get Clicking!