What chew sticks did you get? Are they for cats?

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Check out Petco’s dog dental chews and treats, no appointment necessary, to help keep your terrier’s teeth healthy. From catching ball to carrying around their favorite toy, your furry family member uses their teeth in a variety of ways throughout the day. Since your pet relies on their teeth so much, proper oral hygiene is essential in maintaining your pup’s overall health and allowing them to enjoy their best-loved activities. At Petco, you’ll find a variety of the best dental chews and sticks for your dogs to help keep their fangs free of plaque and tartar between brushings.
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Cover electrical cords with plastic safety coverings from a hardware store. A spray-on repellent may not be enough to stop your cat from chewing. Natural Matatabi Polygama Catnip Cat Dental Chew Sticks Silvervine Cat Treats Toy, Pack of 10 bestEnsure your cat has a healthy set of teeth by chewing on our Japanese 100% natural Matatabi Stick!nice 2pcs Japanese Matatabi Polygama Natural Catnip Chew Stick Treat Cat Toy Relaxing
If your cat likes to chew, try ! These chicken flavoured sticks gentle remove plaque and tartar as your cat chews on it. They are a great way to supplement your cat's dental hygiene regimen. -TCThe problem is I haven't seen many hard chew toys for cats... it seems like most are soft, for kitties who like to chew catnip mice, socks, etc., and that is not Jinks. Does anyone know of any alternatives that would be similarly satisfying to chewing on wood or hard plastic? Can I give him dog bones (the real animal bone kind, not the bone-shaped treats), or would that be dangerous? I'm assuming if a bone can stand up to a pit bull's jaw without splintering, it could stand up to my 8-pound miniature panther... but I'm not totally sure. I have crunchy dental treats for him already, but I need something I could leave out for him to play with, that he won't actually consume.There are different kinds of "chewy" toys you can get for cats. Petstages makes a few types. Perhaps bully sticks if your cat is drawn to chew on things of that sort. But bully sticks are pretty much the only thing I'd reccomend to chew on of a food/treat nature. You can get small ones that are thinner and about 3" long.When cats chew, they tend to gravitate towards soft and smooth materials -- think wool, blankets, sweatshirts and towels. The Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine states that certain breeds -- such as Siamese and Burmese -- are especially fond of chewing on wool. This suggests a positive hereditary link to compulsive chewing patterns. The chewing doesn't always stop with soft and comfy fabrics, though. Some cats also take it to a more dangerous level, resting their chompers on cords, wires, toxic plants and even plastic bags from the grocery store. Essentially, some cats will indeed chew on anything at all.Many people often wonder, "How many teeth does a cat have?" Cats have 30 teeth once they reach adulthood, and taking care of all those teeth on their own isn't easy. Unlike us, cats can’t brush their teeth or find a suitable domestic replacement for chewing on bones and grass — their way of keeping their teeth clean when they’re out in the wild.If your cat's chewing is causing you to live your life in nonstop fear, stop now. You can take action to prevent your kitty's problem. Focus changes can be effective. Try giving her new things to chew on, for instance. Go for a kitty chew toy or carrot sticks. If that doesn't work, try renewing your cat's interest in stimulating, interactive toys, as boredom is a major culprit in feline chewing misbehavior. If your little one is sick of her laser pointer, feed her yummy treats in between "chasing" sessions. Once your cat associates the pointer with tasty food, it may reactivate her enthusiasm in it. Get creative in keeping your cat off of her pesky and harmful chewing issue.