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These toys check off all of your cat’s natural instincts: stalk, tackle, pounce and chase.
Some cat toys you just have to buy from the store. Remote-controlled battery mice, for example, may be great fun for both of you. But be careful that you don't leave any devices with batteries in them where your cat could possibly get the batteries out. are also good fun for some cats to chase, although other cats just ignore them. Be sure not to shine the light into anyone's eyes. Stores offer a huge assortment of toys calculated to make your cat go wild, including plush toys, feather toys, toys and fishing toys.
Toys that feature motion activate a cat's natural instinct to chase and pounce, encouraging healthy activity. By providing unpredi

There are so many awesome wand toys out there now that you should be able to find one that even the laziest cat will get moving for. Watch how your cat plays in order to pick the right wand toy for your cat. Some cats like to hunt on the ground, preferring toys that skitter along the ground (try ' original Kittenator cat toy that lets you simulate the scampering of a furry mouse! $20, ), and some like to hunt in the skies and would rather a feathery flier toy to chase (try Nekochan's Neko Birbug, , pictured). Personalize your cat’s play to make them want to get up and move. These are some of my and my cats' favorite purchased toys and games: They include both interactive and play-alone games.KONG Active toys promote healthy exercise and fulfill a cat’s instinctual desire to chase, hunt and capture. The Kickeroo Twirl TeThese toys check off all of your cat's natural instincts: stalk, tackle, pounce and chase
Continuing in the vein of classic toys, the cat charmer is one of the greats. Almost every cat owner I’ve ever known has owned this at point point or another. Sure, it’s more work than some of the others, but that’s part of the fun. Let your cat chase you around the house with this trailing behind. Get your cat to do high-flying backflips. This is also a great toy for kids to get in on the act. It’s even cheaper than the LED pointer, so it’s definitely worth trying.But you don't have to spend a lot of money for a cat to have plenty of fun toys. Many cats are happy playing with shower curtain rings, either individually or connected. And ping pong balls or plastic golf balls are fun for cats to swat at and chase. And although plastic bags are off-limits because they're too dangerous, paper bags are perfectly fine and fun. You should remove any handles on the paper bag before giving it to your cat though, as cats tend to get stuck in them and panic.Not everyone can drag toys around for cats to chase or to play fetch with them. Like Mary Beth, many people are unable to run around their homes pulling a pole toy or retrieving thrown toys. Sometimes there are only two choices — using the laser pointer or not playing at all. In this case I prefer play, but play that uses the laser pointer in a way that minimizes frustration.Feather toys have a feather attached for the cat to chase after as if it were a bird. There is something about the movement of feathers that is irresistible to cats!I recommend at least one play session a day that lasts about 10 to 20 minutes, using an interactive wand toy. Some cats might do better with more frequent playtimes that are shorter in length—play around with time and duration to establish your cat’s particular preferences. In addition to interactive toys that you maneuver for your cat, it’s also important that you let him play on his own so he doesn’t become reliant on you to stimulate his prey drive every time. There are some great battery operated toys such as the Undercover Mouse and the Panic Mouse 360 and a wide variety of toys he can bat and chase by himself.For chase and fetch play we have three toys called Chasers, RingTail Chasers, Whisker Chasers and BowTie Chasers which are all made from the same cardboard we use on the Cat Dancer and a bit of the fleece used in the Cat Charmer. These ingredients will combine in your cat’s imagination to create irresistible play, chase and fun.