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Stainless steel is unbreakable, sturdy, dishwasher-safe, and harmless to cats. It (along with ceramic bowls) is recommended by most veterinarians. Another good choice is ceramic, provided it uses a lead-free glaze. (Most do, nowadays.)
Cat Bowls Ceramic Stainless Steel Petco
There are endless choices of cat food dishes and bowls these days. From cute kitty ceramics costing under $10.00 to designer raised-platform deluxe models costing upwards of $200.00. What’s right for your cat will depend on your cat and not your taste. Cats don’t care about cute kitty designs but all cats know what they like. Over many years of experience, I’ve discovered the best way to find out (without breaking your budget) is go to your local thrift shop. Buy a selection of sizes and materials and let your cat decide. They usually cost well under a dollar. The selection of bowls (pictured above) are our favorites, all from a local thrift shop. Plus, recycling leaves a low carbon footprint. Cat Bowls Ceramic Stainless Steel PetcoCat Bowls Ceramic Stainless Steel PetcoCat Bowls Ceramic Stainless Steel Petco
Ceramic tends to cost the most in pet shops because the bowls are not only heavy and sturdy, but very attractive to us hoomans. While it is a good option, you have to make sure the coating used on ceramic dishes and bowls is safe! If it is certified for food, the glaze on the bowl should be lead free. I use black ceramic bowls for my cats but they are intended for human use. If you want to be certain, stick to small dinnerware plates and bowls marketed for hoomans, not kitties.Material is key: Choose unbreakable and dishwasher safe. Stainless steel is a popular choice but our guys don’t like them. Two of their favorite water bowls are large Pyrex glass bowls. They’re sturdy and as safe or safer than ceramic. If a ceramic bowl gets chipped throw it out or re-purpose it (i.e. saucer under a plant).I do keep a decorative glass water bowl on the dining room table for Gris Gris (it’s his favorite) but only you can decide whether to take that kind of risk. The only material I don’t recommend is plastic. It’s okay for travel but for every day use, they will eventually abrade, get scratched allowing bacteria to grow. Some plastic tends to smell funky which turns off some cats.This collection of cat bowls and saucers is the prettiest one I've seen yet from Laurel Burch. Love 'em! Laurel Burch Carlotta Cat Bowl Saucer NEW Ceramic Bright Floral PRICE is for ONE #LaurelBurch, #CarlottaCatThis Vivipet cat dining table was perfectly designed to ensure that cats can have a nice meal without straining their necks and stomach in bending down to pick the food. The table is, therefore, raised a little using stands which will reduce the straining. To make them even further comfortable, the table has been inclined at a 15-degree angle that will give them a perfect licking and eating angle! The table then has two shallow ceramic bowls which are also wide enough to accommodate more food for your pets. On the sides of this table, you will find a grass tray where you can keep food, toys, water or grow playing grass for your pets.Show your pet you care about them by giving him or her this beautiful bowl set. Created by KMG Designs, our bowl sets are unique and stylish and are a refreshing departure from the bowls in stores printed with bones and bad fonts. This set looks great on the floor but also fits in on a counter top or table (for storage or to let your pet eat with you). This listing is for our cat or small/mini dog food and water double dish set. Ceramic bowls give a clean, modern look and provide easy c...Inspired by the beauty and elegance of a polished diamond, these delicately crafted ceramic dog and cat bowls are for pets who don't simply wish to eat, but to dine.