Petmate® Compass Fashion Pet Carrier

Atlas Open is a comfortable cat and dog carrier with a useful opening top
Finally, if you really need your cat carrier to blend in, try this one that’s designed to look like a luxury bag. As with the last option, this is for people who find the usual design of cat carriers ugly and need something a little better looking for cat transport. It still offers both side and top openings to make loading easy, while a removable rigid insert helps maintain the shape of the bag. The shoulder strap is padded to make carrying as easy as possible.
Atlas Open is a comfortable cat and dog carrier with a useful opening top. Made of sturdy plastic, is equipped with a solid plasti
Atlas Open is a comfortable cat and dog carrier with a useful opening top. Made of sturdy plastic, is equipped with a solid plastic-coated door. Side ventilation grills ensure proper air circulation. The pet carrier is very safe thanks to the firmly fixed side locks; a useful handle on the top has been designed for easy moving. Atlas Open carrier is perfect Atlas Open is a comfortable cat and dog carrier with a useful opening top. Made of sturdy plastic, is equipped with a solid plastiAtlas Open is a comfortable cat and dog carrier with a useful opening top. Made of sturdy plastic, is equipped with a solid plastiI'm looking for one with a top opening BIG enough to put a sleeping cat through into the carrier
Sherpa has been making of pet carriers for years. My cats each have one and the Sherpa carriers have lasted over 6 years now. My cats go to the vet twice a year since they are seniors and have traveled on flights from the east coast to the west. The Sherpa carriers are airline approved, sturdy, keep their shape well, and well ventilated. The top zippered entry is great for cats who don’t like being nudged into the side opening and the shoulder strap makes it easy to walk without jostling the cat around. There are also two storage pockets for keeping health certificates or anything else you need for your pet when you travel. It’s strong enough for a nervous cat who desperately wants out and fits under the seat during air travel.Two door is great for those of us who own cats that give us a little battle when it’s time to travel. The top opening means that your cat can be lifted and placed inside the carrier rather than nudged through the side door. There is plenty of ventilation, and it’s easy to clean. The steel front latch ensures that your cat will be safe and unable to escape. There’s even a water cup included with this carrier for long trips.Pet rescuers and older people especially love this kennel because of the ease of taking their pets, especially cats, in and out of it. They use the top door and say it is so much easier for them to get their pet out, without getting scratched or bitten. This is important when an animal is feeling scared. Another carrier that you may like is the . It also has a top opening, and it has a strong metal zipper opening.Previous customers love this carrier. They especially like the fact that is has 3 closures at the top opening as well as the safety clip. This makes them feel more at ease, especially with cats, that their pet won’t get out of the carrier during the flight.Designed to be your pet cat’s home on the go, be it on an airplane, a train, or even in your car, the Sherpa Deluxe Pet Carrier is one truly superb product with striking similarities to the other gym bag-like pet carriers for cats that we have in our list. The mesh side panels provide excellent comfort for your feline friend, preventing suffocation in cases where it may be too hot outside. At least cool air can circulate inside the Sherpa and provide excellent levels of comfort to your feline friend. The Sherpa comes with a variety of pockets to keep all of your furry pal’s essentials from leashes to collars and even grooming kits. Now you don’t have to squeeze all of these into your own bag because the Sherpa can accommodate all of these without a hitch. Accessing your kitty can be done through a zippered opening on either the top or side of the Sherpa. It simply means, you’ll have more options to get your kitty regardless of the positioning of the Sherpa. Speaking of positioning, it is a pet carrier airline approved as well. Its spring wire frame enables the Sherpa to be pushed downwards up to several inches to help squeeze it into the space underneath your airplane seat. There’s just no place you cannot bring the Sherpa with you. Now, go and enjoy that holiday with your cat.Another suggestion from an experienced cat owner is to keep your cat carrier out all the time. Put treats,food and nice bedding in it. Let them sleep in it. Or if you have a top loading one you can also play with them in it. Let them chase a toy into one end and out the other. Then it becomes a nice place to play. Or an enjoyable place and a nice warm place to sleep. Put some bedding inside it and keep it near where they like to sleep or put it in your bedroom if they sleep in your bedroom. Or put it in the living room so they can feel included and have a nice place to sleep this works especially well if you have a top loading one just leave the top and side open and let them use it ad a nice comfy bed or a place where they feel happy and safe. The thing is. If your cat only associates this crate with negative things such as going to the vet or having to be in a scary moving car or an environment where they dont feel happy in. Then of course its going to be a place where they wont want to be. But if it becomes a regular part of their life then they will get used to it and learn its not a scary place.