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These days' carriers come in all sorts ofsizes, colors and designs. Including soft bags that look more like designerhandbags than a comfy place to transport your cat in.
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Cat in the bag Co. developed and markets the Cozy Comfort Carrier, a bag-style carrier designed especially for cats. The cat can't get loose outside or while medicine is being administered. But the restraint is gentle and comfortable because the bag is soft and roomy, allowing the cat to move inside of it. The cat stays calmer. The bag is easier to put on the cat than it is to put him in a crate or wrap a towel around him to give medicine. Dog Carrier Soft Sided Pet Travel Carriers Portable Bags for Dogs Cats and Small Pets Airline-Approved BlackDourable small Pet cat dogTravel luxury Carrier bag Chihuahua dog puppy outdoor Portable carrying bags tote handbag three colorsFolding Dog Carrier Bags Pet Travel Carrier Shoulder Small Dogs and Cats Bag Fashion Portable Breathable Outdoor Carrier Pet Bag
MiNiPet Durable Sling Pet Carrier Adjustable Strap Shoulder Bag Outdoor Cat Dogs Soft Side Puppy Bags Short Travle Pet Backpacks Vert >>> More info could be found at the image url. My elderly father is moving cross-country and will be taking his cat aboard as carryon luggage. I'm looking for advice on the sizes & brands of available carryon cat carriers.

Does anyone have experience taking Sherpa-brand pet bags aboard airplanes? What about Celltei-brand pet bags? Did you have any difficulties with the size of a soft-sided carrier?

My problem is that American Airlines says that the maximum size for underseat bags is 23" long by 13" wide by 9" high. But the Sherpa and Celltei websites swear up, down, & sideways that their (soft-sided) bags are mainly designed for airline travel & all approved by most airlines, including American, & they're slightly bigger. My dad's cat needs a medium size bag, based on his size & weight. The medium Sherpa bag is 18"L x 11"W x 10.5H"; the medium Celltei bag is 17"L x 10.5"W x 11.75H". Cat bags are stylish and great for ensuring the safety and comfort of your pet when you take them on a trip, whether it is in the car or on a plane. Pets need to feel a sense of security when they leave home, and Coupaw has a wide selection of cat carrier bags to choose from. Cat carrier bags are available in all sizes to carry kitties of all breeds, big or small. Many of our cat carrier bags are ATA-approved to be used on commercial airline flights. We also carry a wide variety of colors and styles. Coupaw is proud to offer great prices on cat carrier bags. Check them out today! Donna and Mclaurie, thanks for your help!

Calling American for advice on carrier size isn't very fruitful. They just repeat the info on the website that onboard carriers can be a maximum of 9" high, period. (No differences for different models of airplanes are specified).

That's shorter than all of the medium-size bags commonly available -- Sherpa's are 10.5", Samsonite's are 11", the nice tapestry bag that Donna directed me to is 11", etc.

American won't recommend a soft-sided bag that would fit their requirements. American does sell a hard carrier ($45, 17"L x 12"W x 7.5"H) -- but you can't order one in advance, and if the American desk at your airport doesn't have one available they won't order one for you. Besides, it sounds kinda small for dad's good-sized cat.

By the way, Donna, American's pet fee is $80 each way. The other airlines are pretty comparable, with US Airways the highest at $100 each way. We did make a reservation for the cat; he has his own confirmation number!

Mclaurie, I poked around for relevant websites, and found this wonderful resource for anyone wanting to travel with a cat by any mode:

Tons of detailed information, plus a message board on which the website owner gives detailed, helpful answers to cat travel questions.

Based on all the input, I think I'll gamble that either the larger A.J. Morgan "classic" bag or the medium Sherpa bag will fit with a little squashing.