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This legless faceless black cat does not shed so it's great for your countertops! You can store sugar, flour, candy, cookies, kitty snacks, doggy snacks, or pretty much anything dry in this ONE-OF-A-KIND cat canister. This one is made without legs and is smaller than my previous cat canisters. I used to want cats until I became allergic to them. So, I started making them out of clay! And made it functional at the same time. Glossy black surface inside, matte surface outside.
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Forget about boring utility containers—these kitchen canisters provide a stylish solution for storage. Decorate your kitchen with colorful canisters in eye-catching designs. 4-piece canister sets can be used for storing sugar, flour and other condiments or treats. For an even more convenient solution, consider clear canisters that show you when to fill them back up. Display them proudly on your kitchen counters where friends and family can admire your charming setup. Vintage HOLT HOWARD COZY KITTEN COOKIE JAR Cat Canister Pixieware Kitty (eBay asking $650)Vintage-Ceramic-white-Kitty-Cat-Cookie-Jar-Dowley-Canister-Home-Decor-StorageVtg 6" tall Fat gray striped Cat holding fish Cookie Candy Jar Canister Ceramic | eBay
Motion-activated air sprayers. We like these the best because: 1. They do not damage the cat or its psyche. 2. There are virtually no cats that are resistant to air spraying hiss. Two popular models are and StayAway, which both work similarly, but StayAway air is accompanied with a beep, which means that even when the air canister is empty, the cat will still run away because it will know what’s coming next. UPDATE: Unfortunately StayAway has been discontinued. You can . The drawbacks of air sprayer deterrents are that they cost money, use compressed air canisters that last for only a few hundred sprays (refills are available), and you need to turn them off when you are in the area.Generate extra profits with our easy-to-display Zanies Mylar Cat Ball Canisters. Cats will love to chase these brightly colored ball toys around.Fair Trade Floral Canister Set — Handmade in Vietnam — from Fair & Square Imports — Hand painted with intricate detail, this set of 3 functional ceramic canisters features varied floral patterns.These high performance canisters are Black Cat's Commercial Grade shells - Big, Bad and Powerful! You'll be wowed by the bangin' bursts of willows, crackling waves, glittering waves and brocade crown.It’s fair to say that having pets completely changes the game when it comes to cleaning your home. The Miele Complete C3 Cat and Dog, a unique and long-lasting canister vacuum, has you covered whether or not you have pets. This powerful, low-noise vacuum offers a 100% sealed bag system and all the tools you need to remove unwanted pet dander from your home.The Miele C3 Cat & Dog also includes 3 accessory tools a natural bristle dusting brush, upholstery nozzle, and standard size crevice tool, which store away neatly. The C3 Cat & Dog comes with a durable hose and stainless steel telescopic wand. It features a 36 foot cleaning radius, plus a bag change indicator, top carry handle, and large power on/off and auto cord rewind footswitches. Covered caster wheels pivot easily around furniture and navigate over thresholds without marring floors, and a high impact ABS plastic body withstands the rigors of canister cleaning.The Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog Canister Vacuum is perfect for pet owners and all flooring types. Miele offers superior cleaning performance, effective allergen filtration, and high quality features in a compact, lightweight canister. The included SEB 228 Electro Plus, SBB300-3 Parquet Twister floor brush and STB101 Hand held turbobrush make easy work of any cleaning job. The C3 Cat & Dog is recommended for all flooring types. Six variable power settings adjusts the vacuum's suction to suit surfaces ranging from curtains to thick pile carpets, and more. An air inlet valve on the handle can be used to quickly regulate suction.Smart-Review Commentary: The Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog Canister Vacuum is one of Miele’s top canister vacuums which comes with 2 floor tools and a sealed filter system. This model is designed for pets and pet hair. One tool, the is electrically operated motorized tool for floors and carpets (low to high pile) as well as soft plush carpeting, and the other is a soft brush for hardwood floors/tile/hard floors. This tool is ideal for pet hair removal. The sealed system with 12 stage filtration and AirClean filter prevents any dust/dirt from escaping from the vacuum. Activated charcoal in the filter traps and neutralizes pet odors. The AirClean filter and Air Clean dust bags used on this vacuum are ideal for those sensitive to dust and dander or have asthma. A new pre-motor filter and Super Air Clean Exhaust Filter are included in every box of Miele dust bags. The bags have a large 4.76 quart capacity, so you won’t have to change them as frequently. The self sealing bags are designed so that you won’t have to be exposed to the dirt, just throw the bag away in the trash.