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My cat wipes her butt on the rug
I wipe my Baylee’s butt EVERY night. He likes to lay in my bed and sleep with me. He’s is going to have a clean butt and paws. I use Johnson & Johnson baby wipes, unscented, all over maybe 3-4 times a week. The smell is just like a baby and he Loves it!!!! and he smells great all the time. His coat is shiny and glossy, healthy looking. Those kitty wipes are so expensive. The baby wipes do not have anything (as far as ingredients go) less than the ones they say are strictly for cats.
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I’m so curious to hear how your smelley cat situation is going now…several months later. We just got a new kitten yesterday, and she has an extremely smelley butt!! We have another cat, and I never noticed anything but this one is almost unbareable. I’ve been using “cat wipes”, but I think she needs a good old fashioned bath…the only problem is they told us not to bath her until her stitches (from spaying) are taken out in another 10 days!! Jul 29, 2008 - Dingleberry Filter: Can I wipe my cat's butt with baby wipesDiy Wipes for Your Face, Butt, Cat, and Anything Else ..Diy Wipes for Your Face, Butt, Cat, and Anything Else That Needs Wiping
Thomas: As you saw in your searches, when a cat wipes its butt on the floor it can be a sign of worms (they itch!) or anal gland problems. But there are a couple of other issues that can cause a cat to use your carpet as toilet paper.The other cats want to eat at their leisure. Take a few bites, then come back later. But what happens is that Big Girl sneak eats their food when nobody is looking. She's about 20 lbs and she's got a huge pink butt that she does not clean. I think she can reach it, but it's just easier for her to wipe her butt on the furniture. So I've got hash marks all over! I bought cat wipes, but she won't let me wipe her butt. She's a good girl in all other ways, very sweet, cuddly, affectionate and obedient. And she's quiet. She loves me to death. But I don't know how to deal with the butt leavings on my light colored furniture. Anyone know what to do (besides the sack and bricks, oh Sack and Bricks Troll). She looks all over the house for feed--- dropped scraps, overlooked temptation treats, even plastic bags which I have to hide. The vet says her lab work is all normal. No diabetes or thyroid problems.LOL!!! Just the title of this piece alone got me to laughing!
While I don’t necessarily wipe off the butts of my male kitties, I DO end up PULLING pieces of dried poop off of the behind of my senior torti! Makes my girl VERY angry as it probably hurts, but darn it, I get so tired of seeing that piece of literally ‘carp’ sticking out from some area of her butt! Thanks for the link to the all natural, fragrance free and hypo-allergenic grooming wipes. Will definitely pick up some of this product.
OH! You probably know this, but perhaps others don’t, when one’s cat IS scooting across the floor this could very well be a sign that your kitty has worms. Bring your baby to the vet for a check to make certain that there are no parasites making her/his anus itch!DIY Wipes For Your Face, Butt, Cat, And Anything Else That Needs Wiping. I thought long and hard about what I would want to see listed on the back of a packet of wipes.Take him to your Vet and see if he might have arthritis. Cats will stop being good at grooming themselves if they get arthritis. Cosequin {2 capsules a day} helped my cat a lot – she was back to being happy and more active, but still cleaning herself was still hard for her. She has to twist too much to do that. She’s going to be 14 years old though, so, I use baby wipes. Wipe from the butt up towards the tail – with female cats especially it has to be done that way in order not to give them infections. But – see a Vet. I’m just saying what worked well to help my cat in general, and your case might be different.Flushable wipes for humans (available in the toilet paper aisle of your local grocery store) can be useful for poopy cat butts and are easily disposed of with no mess.