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Bengal cats have beautiful, shiny fur. They even tend to shine like glitter in the sunlight. You want to make sure that fur always stays beautiful. Luckily, Bengals don't need much grooming to make their fur shine. They mostly just need a good combing with a good brush once a week. Metal Tooth Flea CombThese combs are designed to help pick up errant fleas that the flea meds haven't touched. They also work good for picking up fur. Bengals tend to love the feel of the tiny metal bristles scratching their backs. These combs are best used when your Bengal isn't shedding very much, such as during winter.Slicker BrushWhen shedding season comes around, you need something a little tougher to get all that loose fur. Luckily, Bengals don't shed tons, so even during shedding season you will only need to brush your Bengal once a week. Use a slicker brush. These brushes have smaller metal bristles. The brush is softer than a flea comb, but also bounces like a soft-bristle brush.Brushing your Bengal with one of these makes them feel like they are getting a massage. Many Bengals love a slicker brush combing. Once the brush fills up with fur, just pull it off the brush and keep massaging.Grooming GlovesNot all Bengals enjoy getting brushed. Usually the more wild ones won't sit still for long when the brush comes out. Instead, trick you Bengal into thinking he's getting a nice petting instead of a brushing. A grooming glove fits on your hand like a glove but has bristles on it like a brush. You simple pet your cat from head to toe. It is best to do this when your wild Bengal is sleepy. Of course, tamer Bengals will always enjoy a grooming glove massage.The best grooming glove for Bengals is one that has a softer side, too. The softer side will help keep the Bengal coat shiny.Chamois Cloth is an incredibly soft leather cloth made from sheepskin. It has excellent absorbing abilities and it is those absorbing abilities that make it so great for grooming a Bengal. You can also find synthetic chamois, if the real thing is difficult to find.Rub and massage your Bengal with a chamois. The cloth will pick up the loose fur just like a brush. It will also help pull out the natural oils in the Bengal skin, making the fur shine.Choose one or a few of these grooming objects for your Bengal. If you need more help with grooming your Bengal cat, contact a professional grooming service, like . With this versatile pet grooming accessory, being a pet owner just becomes easier. Cat Slicker/Bristle Brush and Combs is a 4-in-1 grooming tool which can satisfy most of your cat's hair care needs. One side contains a wire slicker brush to remove tangles and excess hair. The other side features a bristle brush to smooth the coat. Tucked into the sides are a palm-sized flea comb for grooming around the cat's eyes, and a fine comb for removing hair and debris from the brush head.
FURminator manufacturers shake up the pet market yet again with a brilliant de-shedding tool for cats that guarantees reduced shedding better that most rakes, brushes and combs as well. The superior grade stainless steel shedding edge is capable of reaching deep beneath your cat`s long topcoat to gently eliminate detached and loose hair as well. A particular FURjector button helps remove and clean loose hair from the tool with ease. The ergonomic design ensures that your hands hardly are stained, or the pet rarely gets any injuries during the de-shedding procedure.
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