This is like a cat brush on steroids.

I feel like there are more types of brush for cats than for humans. Some of the most common are:
Instructions on the best cat brush to buy and also how to brush your cat. Your kitty will love you for brushing him/her and it will make your home cleaner not having as much fur on everyting. Your cat will also be healthier, not throwing up as many hairballs as well as feeling much better!
For senior cats sensitive to the wire brushes, look for a brush that has plastic tipped teeth.
This high quality self-cleaning brush and its stainless steel pins are perfectly suitable for everyday usage and they provide excellent results against matted, tangled or fallen cat hair. While it lacks on classy looks, Safari’s brush is truly remarkable when it comes to efficiency. Best Brushes for Long Hair Cats | Meow LifestyleBest Brushes for Long Hair Cats | Meow LifestyleDiscount Pet Brush Dog Brush Cat Brush Grooming Yellow Long Hair ...
Is your cat in need of a good cat brush? Of course it is! Every feline furball out there is in constant need of proper grooming tools and regular , otherwise the cat’s hair will get messy, tangled and filthy.With tons and tons of new cat brushes being released on the market every day you’re bound to get cheated into buying an over-priced good-for-nothing product. Fortunately for you, we’re here to save the day. So, without further ado, here are the best cat brushes on the market these days.Maintaining the health of your feline pal by keeping up its fur is a daily task, which you should never put off for tomorrow. Equipping yourself with specially designed is a must, but you also need to rely on high quality cat brushes for daily usage.We have designed LICKI brush to bring you and your cat closer. By using LICKI with your cat on a regular basis, you’ll develop a more intimate and bonded relationship, much like a mama cat bonds with her young.If you have a pet, you have hair. Piles and piles of hair — fur, really — gathering in corners of your home, settling on top of freshly-baked lasagnas, ticking the eyes of every allergic visitor. Dogs are easy to clean; throw them in the tub and have at it. Cats, however, are more resistant to brushing and content to half-heartedly lick their assholes while ignoring the giant hairball forming on their right haunch. If you value your eyes, brushing your cat is hell. Thank god there’s , as if you were a giant cat yourself, just like you always wanted.Cat ownership is a peculiar joy, only for the strong of spirit and the tough of skin. Unlike dogs, cats are shady beasts, more content to sit on a pile of clean laundry and shed then to run to the front door when you come home from work, ready to sit on your lap and listen to what your boss said that made you mad. Courting the affection of a cat is a fool’s errand; the cat will like you if it likes you and if it doesn’t, content yourself with sharing a home with a tiny wild animal. Brush your cat with a regular cat brush! Don’t use your mouth to hold a brush to brush your cat.Notice how close her face is to the cat? Notice how close her eyes are to the sharp and murderous claws of a cat? Cat owners, I ask, would you in good faith put your own face this close to your own cat in order to perform a task that you both hate? I own a cat and I routinely put my human face very close to her cat face because she is a tiny fluff-muffin who deserves the full brunt of my attention but I would never attempt to brush her using a tool that I clutch in my teeth because I value my eyesight and the structural integrity of my face, as is.It works magic when it comes to controlling the fur shedding and the tangled hairballs. On top of that, it’s extremely soft and gentle against your kitty’s skin and makes the brushing process an enjoyable combination of grooming and petting for you and for your cat.