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Hi this is Erica () from Prixie Pets. Today I am going to talk to you about brushing out your medium to long haired cats. They can get really clumpy and shed a lot all over your house. I am going to demonstrate how to brush them out to prevent shedding and also explain to you the dangers and how it can be uncomfortable for your cat if you go to long in-between brush outs.
Comb the aisles of Petco to find the best cat hair brush for curbing their shedding.
I asked her to continue brushing the kitty for a few more minutes until there wasn't any more cat fur coming off of him. We were all absolutely floored by the amount of hair that came off this cat that a standard deshedding tool had left behind! cat brush for sheddingKudi Large 2 in 1 Fur Deshedding Brush Pet Grooming Tool Desheddinator For All Dogs and Cats * Startling review available here : Dog GroomingItplus Pet Slicker Brush For Dog Cats Grooming Long Short Hair Shedding Comb Tools *** Check out this great product.
FurSweep, Dog and Cat Brush for Shedding, Deshedding Tool for Grooming Short and Long Pet Fur, Reduces Shedding by up to 90% ** You can get more details here : Cat productscatseeker Slicker Brush for Dogs Grooming ,Easily Removes Mats Slicker Brush, Dematting Detangling and Deshedding cat Tool *** Insider's special review you can't miss. Read more : Cat GroomingFurSweep Cat brush and Dog Brush for Shedding, Deshedding Tool for short and long hair pet can reduces shedding by up to 90%, Shiny Blue >>> Click image to review more details.I desperately trawled the shelves of our local pet store for something new. Something different. Aha! A brush for cats and dogs. That’s certainly different. The bristles were strong, stiff and much further apart than the other models. Now, this one, she really liked. She’d let me brush her all day. I guess it was like a massager. The only problem was that it didn’t remove as much loose fur as I’d hoped. Since we had a seriously disastrous shedding situation we needed to bring out the big guns. DakPets are the manufacturers of various deshedding tools for cats and dogs, including clippers, brushes, and shampoos. Their best tool, however, is their deshedding blade, ranking across the best-selling charts in the US and the UK.Long-haired cats can benefit from starting with a shedding rake or comb which can reach down near the skin and dislodge some hair from the undercoat while leaving the outer coat mostly unaffected. Shedding rakes are long and stiff, which makes them ideal for getting deep under long fur. Cats with long, flowing fur can require brushing every two days at least. This is a very simple but well-designed dog brush for removing shedding hair. This brush is perfect for the . And bonus point is, if you have a cat in your house you can use this brush to remove it’s shedding hair too. Let’s the features this dog brush have.The best cat brush for shedding is without a doubt . It just works. I don’t know how it does it, but it removes crazy amounts of hair. As long as you can get your kitty to keep still for long enough. I’d say it removes at least three times as much hair as other brushes I’ve tried.