Cheap and easy cat box liner replacement.

Plus, these liners have a fresh, clean scent for added freshness in your cat litter box.
I purchased the cat litter box liners, for the 15x18 inch box. THESE ABSOLUTELY DO NOT FIT THE SIZE INDICATED. The bags looked like trash bags you'd use in a bathroom waste basket. Luckily I had a smaller litter box for traveling. These 15x18 inch liners barely fit the 10x14 litter box. Kitty is going to need some good aim tonight till I can get her some larger liners... FROM A DIFFERENT MANUFACTURER... one that knows how to measure.
Neither durable nor helpful with cleanup, cats dislike litter box liners.

Start Sifting, Stop Scooping! Extend the life of your litter by over 50% when you use the Sift Clean Sifting Litter Liners. Simply put one regular liner down in the litter box (one included) and place the sifting liners on top. Fill box with your preferred brand of litter. When it's time to clean the box, simply pull-up on the sifting liner and the waste is removed, leaving clean litter behind. The process is clean, you do not have to touch the waste or wash the litter box because SIFT CLEAN+ solid liners keep the dirt away. Works with most current brands of cat litter, both standard clay and clumping litters. 36" x 40" liners fit most regular and hooded litter pans. Each package contains 28 Sifting Liners and 2 regular liners.

Customers who previously used Purina® Tidy Cats® Quick Sifting Liners (which are no longer being marketed by Purina®) will enjoy a smooth transition to the Sift Clean Sifting Litter Liners. Absolutely love your cat litter box linersTidy Cats Large Litter Box Liners For Multiple Of 7Alfapet Kitty Cat Extra Giant Elastic Sta Put Litter Box Liners 10
My kitty, Nova, enjoys destroying the liner I have on my litter box, mainly right after she uses it. My other cat, Lapis, does not have this problem. Nova knows that I don't like it when she does it, and therefore she sometimes does this when I am asleep or trying to sleep. No form of discipline has stopped her yet. I don't think the actual litter is the issue, as I have tried three different types of litter (clumping clay litter, non-clumping gravel-ish litter, and clumping wheat-based litter), all with the same results--she won't quit. It's possible that the litter box is too small, but I don't know where to get a bigger one.

Could you help me?As if the litter box wasn’t , right? Litter box liners can add yet another element to the mix that can put some cats off of going in the litter box.When I had my cat Rascal, the question of whether or not to use litter box liners never occurred to me. I had learned from an early age that we should always use litter box liners for our cats. I’m 28 years old now, and looking back, I realize how much my parents and I didn’t know.Most cats will claw up the litter liners. Most cats, when using the litter box, will not only dig at the litter but will scratch the sides, top and opening of the litter box. Some will scratch everywhere but the litter. Every cat has their own technique. Orange always has half his body outside the litter box when he goes, jumps out of the litter box then sticks his head back in and reaches to cover his mess. Most of my boxes are scracth all over the inside because the cats scratch the walls. It will be better for you to just stop using the liners, you also would not want Nova mistaking a grocerie bag with her litter box. Yes, I have seen this happen.I tried those liners too because they seemed like a good idea--less scrubbing the box. However, all three of my cats clawed and tore up the liner. What a mess!! I finally gave up and went back to just using the box without the liner and changing the litter/scouring out the box once a week. It really doesn't have anything to do with the litter you're using or the box size. When she covers, she's just catching the liner also. She doesn't know it's a liner, she thinks it's part of the litter. Whatever you do, don't discipline her when she's using the box or she will beging to associate using the box with getting yelled at, etc. and start using your rugs, bedclothes or the corner of a room to relieve herself. Do what I did and just stop using the liners and start scrubbing your boxes once a week. Plastic litter box liners are like a foreign object to your cat, one that they don’t want in their bathroom space. The liner can feel strange on your cat’s paws when they dig around in the litter. This can cause litter box avoidance in more extreme cases, but most cats will use the bathroom in odd positions or just deal with it.