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After you order CAT LITTER BOX cleaning service from POOP 911 here's what you can expect:
Still, cat owners know that the worst part of having cats as pets is dealing with the litter box. Even with only one cat, the litter box needs attention a minimum of once a week. In the interim, visitors to your home can detect the presence of a litter box long before your kitty kid has made an appearance to say hello. The strong smells and generally unpleasant business of cleaning a litter box will keep some people from considering a cat.
Among PetSafe’s best cat-related products is their Simply Clean self-cleaning litter box.
I love all your posts, and I did read all the way to the end. You can go on an ramble all you want 🙂 I have a 7 year old persian ( that is human years ). The joy of my life and spoiled rotten. He is the best cat I ever had, just one issue he has acquired in the recent past few years, he has decided I guess the litter box is not as good as the carpet or near surroundings outside the box. Thankfully, I usually will only find a gift waiting for me outside the box when i get home not # 1 but # 2. I cannot totally complain, because its alot easier to clean up then his pee. That of course as long as its nothing like what you might find in a babies diaper, YUCK! He has given me those gifts too but not as often. I have tryed new litter, putting Vicks vapor rub in his popular areas ( suggestion I found on Pinterest ) that did not work, multiple boxes, placing box over his choice spot on the floor to scolding my precious and locking him in the bathroom with the box for the day. Sometimes it works and other days not. The little furball has even gone into my standup shower and tinkled in there. Amazing! He is something else, I dont get so bent out of shape with the shower, better then the rug. I took him to the vet to learn there could be a possibility he has psychological issues and they have feline Prozac. Its apparently not uncommon. I decided to not pump my cat up with drugs if at all possible. I am happy to see your post and I am going to try it out and hope Betty you helped me find a solution. Anyone else has a cat going through a spell like mine I would definately love feedback. Thank you Betty 🙂
What is the most daunting task in caring for your cat? For many cat owners, the answer is cleaning the litter box. It has to be done regularly because, if it isn’t, it can or . And don’t forget that litter box cleaning can also be hard. But does it have to be?You don’t have to choose all of the above, and you probably won’t, but the more you are able to take into consideration for your cat’s litter box, the less daunting the task of scooping and cleaning will become.Litter boxes might not be the most zen part of your decor, or the cleanest, but there are options to step up your cleanliness game with your cat’s bathroom. It doesn’t have to be an eyesore either.If your cat uses one litter box to do his or her business, we will provide you with three. This way your cat will always have access to a litter box, even on the days we come to clean the dirty one – just rotate the fresh box in and the soiled box out. The third box is provided as backup for any emergency need that may arise.Here at DoodyCalls, we believe every pet deserves a clean, fresh and healthy environment. That’s why we created the Complete Kitty Litter Box Service – a simple, convenient and affordable service for cat owners that keeps your furry loved one’s litter box clean, sanitized and fresh.If you're as tired of scooping up cat litter as I am, investing in an automatic self-cleaning cat litter box might be just the thing. But before throwing down the cash, take into consideration if your cat prefers open boxes, lots of privacy, or cozy spots when using the litter box. Automatic self-cleaners have come a long way over the years from the loud contraptions that scared both you and your cat. These machines are quiet and efficient and do all the dirty work for you.