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We maintain a flea free environment. Our clients expect it and our boarders deserve it. If, during our check-in examination or at a later time, we observe evidence of fleas on your cat, we will provide your cat with a flea treatment and take steps to eliminate any fleas from its boarding suite. You will be charged an additional fee for this service. Pets Sitting Dogs And Cats Walking Boarding Denver ThorntonEvergreen Cat Lodge Denver S Premier Boarding FacilityCat Kennels Boarding Aurora Colorado Denver
As much as we strive to ensure that the boarding experience is pleasant for our guests, we also believe it should be a positive experience for the pet's owners. We don't want our clients to feel like they are being nickeled-and-dimed for every service add-on. That's why, at Evergreen Cat Lodge, we don't charge for nail clipping, casual brushing, premium cat food, or administering medications. Also, since we operate by appointment only, we will accommodate your schedule for drop-off and pick-up times - you won't be charged extra if you make an appointment for "after hours" drop-off. We want our clients to feel that boarding at Evergreen Cat Lodge is a unique experience for pet owners too! Please feel free to call and arrange a tour of Denver's premier cat-only boarding facility.When you board at Evergreen Cat Lodge, your cat will stay in one of our 32 suites and will be lovingly cared for by Susan & Mike Nocket, owners of the Lodge. If you are lucky enough to be a multiple cat family, your 2nd and 3rd cats may share the suite for a slight additional fee. However, only cats from the same owner are permitted to share a suite. Your cats will never come in physical contact with other boarders. Be sure to check out the picture gallery on the page to see some of our suites. We are committed to providing the best cat boarding service available in the Denver area.The Cat Spa has a unique Boarding model: spaceous indoor/outdoor cat-only suites. Our guests enjoy fresh air and bird watching outside for no extra fees. We are quite different from the dormitory kennels which hold 40, 60, or more cats in small cages or runs. With such a small number of spacious suites, each guest at The Cat Spa is assured a comfortable and exciting stay. We are proud that The Cat Spa is a small, cat-only, most personable Boarding facility in the Denver Metro area.

Each guest has its own private two story suite!

The Cat Spa offers all ammenities for one fixed price.*East lincoln animal hospital 7555 highway 73 denver nc 28037 boarding aurora colorado photo of meowlux cat hotel fort lauderdale fl united states our guest airport parkingNew to boarding your pet with us? You may want to take a look at our on the subject. We cover everything most owners ask when it comes to this new and exciting way of pet sitting. For your peace of mind, we also now have opened to make sure your pet stays safe at all times. You can feel confident knowing your dog is in the best hands. The main trouble will be getting them to want to come back home! We are sure they will have the time of their lives at Tenaker Pet Care. After all, we love animals and must admit that they get spoiled here. Not only do they get to enjoy the luxury of hotel class treatment, but they get much appreciated socialization with other dogs in order to never feel lonely! Did you know we also offer buffet plans with menus you can choose from every day? We are not your average kennel! Our owners come back again and again because they trust Tenaker Pet Care for all of their dog boarding needs while they have to take a trip somewhere. Our DIA pet drop off program makes things much easier, and you can pick up your pet at our special pick up center whenever you need to. Whatever the special requirements are for your pet, we can help. Do you have medications that need to be given to your dog at regular intervals? No problem. If you have special food you would like them to eat, we can feed them that too. You can also bring any toys you like for your pet so it will feel as comfortable as possible during its stay away from home. Personal attention is given to every animal that stays with us, whether it is enjoying a wonderful belly rub or a good game of tug-of-war.We have been in business for 16 years and while we are located in Fort Collins, we service all of Northern Colorado and Southern Wyoming. Our uniqueness has us boarding cats from Denver and Boulder. This speaks to our cat boarding service when people are willing to drive over an hour to board their cat.