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The four-post cat beds from The Cat’s Inn are as cute as they are comfortable, offering cats a great place to relax and nap. Available in your choice of oak, maple or cherry, each bed stands 12 inches tall and 12 inches wide, with a 16-inch length. The included mattresses are fully washable and available in a varied range of colors and patterns. Whether placed inside a cat townhouse or alongside your own bed at home, these cat beds are perfect for any small to medium cat weighing up to 16 pounds.
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Whatever type of bed you choose, be sure to regularly clean it. Many cat beds are machine washable. This is the best option. Be sure to dry the bed (or towel or blanket) thoroughly before setting it out for your kitty to use. Faux Fur Machine Washable Igloo/Cave Cat Beds | eBayUnbranded Machine Washable Igloo/Cave Cat Beds | eBayCaring for your Auntie Kim's Cat Bed: All of Auntie Kim's Cat Beds are washable
For our sanity, and health, it’s important to clean regularly. Wash-ability may not have been something you thought of when buying your cat’s bed, but it’s an important feature. Now, I know some people that like to buy the cheapo beds from the big-box pet stores and just throw them away rather than washing, but I don’t think that’s very environmentally responsible, nor is it actually cost effective.At last, a cat bed that�s American made! And which does not have any foam. These beds are washable and super comfy. Soft and rich velveteen on the outside and a plush fleece lining on the inside makes a snuggly retreat for any cat weighing up to 20 pounds. Cat Faeries own cats & bunnies have test driven these beds for many years. Our beds have been machine washed countless times and the still look and feel great. We knew you'd want them for your cats too.catperi Washable cat Beds, Wicker Beds and Basket for Large/Medium/Small Dogs and Cats ** Want to know more, visit the site now : Cat Beds and FurnitureYou can get it in blue or grey color. It has a removable washable cushion and waterproof anti slip bottom. The material is self-warming and it radiates heat back to your pet keeping her warm.You’ve seen how many types and styles of cat beds there are in the market. It takes to choose the product your cat will like. So, be ready to return some before you find the perfect one. Because even if the reviews are great and other cats love the bed, it doesn't mean yours will.Ok, so you are a real sucker for your cat and want to buy him/her the best in cat beds. The most extravegent kitty beds we could find are the heated Thermo cat beds which range in price from $60 to $90. There is a . There is a crinkle tunnel, kitty bed, kitty cabin, lounger, mat, nest, blanket, crinkle sack, and pad to select from. The ($45) is one of our favorites - the pillow is fluffy and comfortable and provides enough room for any cat to relax on. The product is machine washable so keeping it clean and sanitary is on problem. Another top seller is the Heated Thermo Kitty Cabin 16" ($83) - the exterior is very flexible which allows the cabin to be twisted into 3 different shapes. The dual thermostat 4-watt heating unit creates the ideal warmth for your cat. It's meant for indoor use only and can accommodate cats up to 12 lbs.Loving Care Pet Products Supreme Pet Bed. Our Unique Super Plush Pet Beds are Thermal, Bite Resistant, Water Resistant, Oil Resistant, Stylish and Durable with a Non-Skid Bottom. Our DOG or CAT beds are made from Top Quality, Non-Allergenic Materials. Machine Washable with a Removable pillow mattress. Most Cozy Dog Bed or Cat Bed available. Four Sizes to Fit Most Pets.