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These are blowing my mind! I saw them at SuperZoo and was really excited about them. These beds are made from soft but sturdy molded foam and they attach to any window with giant suction cups. There are so many great things about this design! First, it creates the perfect window perch for cats to watch what’s going on outside, plus they are easy to install and reposition without any hardware. I haven’t tried these myself yet, but I’ve had very good luck with the , the original window-mounted cat bed that attaches with similar suction cups.
Get your cat a window bed here: I got this cat bed at little to no cost for testing and review purposes. All opinions are 100% my own.
What a precious bed for Lalka! When I had a cat I wanted to get her one of those window perch things but they were so ugly. This turned out so cute. She is such a pretty kitty. Are ragdolls and great as they say they are? Is your cat always searching for a view outside or a warm place in the sun? The search is over with this Window Cat Bed. Say goodbTV Product Sunny Seat Window Mounted Cat Bed Machine Washable Cover Comfortable Cat Hammock Soft Warm Safe Blanketwall wave shelf cat perch cats beds luxury cat bed window bed cat shelf cat shelves cat bed cat furniture, cat supplies, gift for cat lovers
If there's one thing every cat owner knows, it's that cats love window perches and heated beds. Have you ever wondered what features these items have that make them such popular cat accessories? Window perches and heated beds offer the following benefits for your cat:K&H came out with their window-mounted cat bed last year and it’s been a huge hit, and now they just announced a new version! It’s the , with a clear plastic bubble window, PLUS the bed now has two entrances, one on each side! Clearly, the K&H product development team was listening to your feedback, because this was a feature I know a lot of people asked for.SUNNY SEAT Cat Window Perch Window Mounted Cat Bed Space Saving Cat Bed Cat Hammock Cat Resting seat safety mounted cat bed - Providing all around 360° sunbath and for cats weighted up to 30lbHilary from Vancouver created this pair of window perches for her two boys Hank (orange) and Truman (Tuxedo) and they seem to be a perfect fit! She used the trusty old IKEA Ekby Bjarnum brackets and Jarpen shelves mounted just below the window sill. To create cozy cushions that don’t slide off the shelves, Hilary smartly stitched some twill tape to the corners of two faux sheepskin cat beds and tied the beds to the shelves. Nice solution! And they can be easily removed for cleaning.This is a great enhancement of an already popular product. The new Bubble Pod Window Cat Bed is available for pre-order now from for around $60 in beige and green, expected to ship June 15.I came across the Sunny Seat Cat bed. When you open the package it has a few plastic pipes, wire, a cover and four huge suction cups. The suction cups are all it need to attach to the window you do not need any tools or anything to set up. Just attach pieces and attach to the window. My cat is obsessed with this bed. He uses it more than any of the cat towers we have bought him. he is around 5 lbs and it holds him up perfectly. It has a cover that makes it to be a hammock and my cat loves that. It has never fallen off of the window and my cat jumps into it. It costs around 20.00. The cover is machine washable and I found that you can add a blanket on top for extra comfort.For cats that love the warmth of the sun and a high vantage point, this is a great item to consider. The Sunny Seat Window-Mounted Cat Bed also makes the purr-fect solution to a multi-cat household with limited space.My kitty, Patch, loved her window bed. It was one of the sturdiest window perches for cats, but it attached with screws. Needless to say, they made ugly holes in the windowsill. My husband wasn’t happy about it, but at the time, I couldn’t find one with suction cups. I don’t even know if they were available. Because of the holes and placement limitations, I would have preferred suction cups over a cat bed that attaches to the windowsill. It served a valuable purpose, but when I found a better option, the damage was done. Worst of all, it was obvious. It was a huge mistake, but it was too late. I filled in the holes, but they were still visible. I can’t recommend that kind in good conscience unless you plan on taking it down.