Do I need to give my cat a bath?

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what should i do?? I have 3 cats.! One is fat and heavy, another is skinny but has thick fur. These two have experienced baths from birth, but still don't let me bathe them. They scratch me up and hide. The third cat was found a kitten on the street and was freaked out enough. I never gave him a bath. He is still young, but like the other cats, he is frightened by water period.! When it come to water, they all scratch me up and get away befor they touch the water. The problem is, the steps above worked with the mother of the cats and the kitten, but they won't let me bathe them at all and they REALLY need one.!
Cat baths come in many forms, including other members of the animal kingdom.
Cats everywhere thank you!! So many people seem to have a need to dunk their cats in soapy water on a regular basis. I’ve had cats, large numbers of cats, for sixty-one years and with the exception of the occasional stray kitten so filthy and infested with fleas that there was no other option, I’ve never had the need to bathe a cat. I feed my cats quality cat food, brush them regularly, clean the litter boxes daily or more, and keep their vaccinations and health checks up to date. Beyond that, their care consists of love, play, lots of back and forth conversation, and keeping them safe. I acknowledge that baths may be indicated by a vet for certain skin conditions or for an exceptional situation, medical or otherwise. Still, a bath has never been the right answer to me, or my cats’ vets, for anything they’ve come up against, yet. The rinse cycle is one of the most important steps for persian cat baths. Below is a receipe to help your Persian coat during rinsing.
Although some like or love the water, many cats find baths to be a stressful experience. It’s best if you can start bathing your cat young and get them used to it, but even if you have an older cat that has never been bathed, it can be done without trauma to you or the cat. If your cat is older and has never been bathed, or if you think your cat is going to have a problem with it, it might be best to have a helper. Prepare everything from the temperature of the water to shampoo and towels ahead of time, and remember to stay calm!7. Take it slow. For cats who are especially upset with baths, try getting them comfortable with the bathing area without water to begin with. Place the cat in or near the bathing area and reward for staying in this area with a session or play or palatable treats.6. Treats! If your cat will take treats, such as licks of tuna or soft cat food off a spoon, have a helper reward your cat during the bath. Even for cats who won’t take treats, petting, gentle massage, and talking can be soothing as well. Post-bath, find a ritual your feline especially enjoys. This could be a special reward given to them only after baths, such as a special type of food or extra special play session. Many times by pairing it with a positive after the bath time is better tolerated because of the anticipated reward to come.Lucky for cat owners, it’s estimated that cats spend anywhere from 30-50% of their time self grooming. This makes giving them baths usually unnecessary, but that doesn’t mean you’ll never need to give them a bath! If your cat is a show cat or becomes unreasonably sticky or smelly, it may be time for a bath. Obese cats also have difficulty self grooming due to limited reach and mobility, and may need a bath to reach their lower back/rear areas. If someone in your home suffers from , bathing the cat will help reduce the dander in it’s fur.We like to think that if our pets don’t like something, it means we don’t have to make them do it. But when it come to cat grooming, baths are often a necessary part of the equation. How do you know if your cat needs a bath, and what do you need to know before diving in? Read on.It’s true that cats groom themselves naturally. Yet, saliva isn’t soap, and it’s important to periodically groom cats. However, there are some instances where cats need more regular help grooming. Cats fur often gets a bit greasier as they become older. This is a natural process, but it does mean that older cats need baths. Cats who are overweight are also unable to reach every part of their body when grooming themselves, meaning that they need baths to ensure certain parts of their body are getting groomed at all.