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Dear Bettina, I just wanted to update you on our cat’s condition. Things are really improving. Amppy’s demeanor is much improved; she is more confident, less anxious, and definitely happier. After some trial and error, I am giving her two drops of Rescue Remedy and one drop of Mimulus with her morning meal and with her evening meal. It seems to be the perfect amount to keep her from being overly skittish, but not lethargic.
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I have two Bengals and was very concerned about our move to a new home (especially since the male – during trial runs to the new house – exhibited severe anxiety, but only when he visited WITH his sister. When she was in the house, he acted like she was a stray cat he’d never seen before and exhibited never-before-seen behavior: swatting, hissing, growling at her). For two week before the move, we put both of them on Rescue Remedy and the male only on Walnut… And while the first 1.5 days were intense (with him swatting and hissing and being aggressive with his sister), by day two, he was back to normal. What should be noted is that he was calm DURING the move — something rare, as he is the kind of cat that jumps when a sock is on the floor. Even with the entire old house emptied, he took things in stride. And now, he seems HAPPY and has adjusted to his new space in only two days. I’m thrilled!
Melissa – AZ in Bach's Rescue Remedy Pet) could actually work to calm an anxious cat.Cat & Dog Anxiety Remedies | Emotional Healing - Earth Animalor homeopathic remedies may help in reducing cats' stress and anxiety.
Several often effective natural remedies can be tried to help ease anxiety in cats. The contains calming pheromones to reduce anxiety and fear. is also a versatile product that is made from a combination of flower essences that often help to reduce anxiety in cats. Herbal products made from catnip and valerian root can also be helpful in calming cats. Tranquility Blend, by Animal Apothacary, has long been a favorite of veterinarians, which is also easy to administer to cats. Another recommended product is called Nutricalm, by Rx Vitamins. You may also want to try , which contains a natural pheromone that helps ease anxiety.Natural medicines, also known as complementary therapies, cover a wide range of products including herbs, nutraceuticals, supplements and homeopathic remedies (see our handout on Behavior Counseling – ). Although the marketplace is full of products that claim to treat anxiety, these claims are largely anecdotal and there are few controlled studies that support their effectiveness in either humans or pets. One of the biggest concerns that many veterinarians have with complementary medicines is that there can be variability in their purity, quality, level of contaminants, and efficacy from batch to batch. While we tend to think of natural products as benign, this is not always the case, particularly when it comes to treating cats, who have different metabolic processes than we do.Over the years people have come to realize the harsh side effects of conventional medicines and are increasingly on the lookout for naturalremedies for anxiety. Anxiety in cats can stem from various factors. A change in the cat’s environment, bringing a new pet into yourhome, relocating to a new place or even loud sounds like thunder can trigger anxious behavior in cats.Humans have known the benefits of this flower essence combination in relieving stress and anxiety and, fortunately, it can also be used with cats (and dogs). Though technically not an herb, its reliable benefits bear a mention in any list of stress-reducing tactics. Perhaps the best feature of Bach Rescue Remedy is its immediate effectiveness. This formulation is great when you need to calm down your cat pronto. Be sure to purchase the alcohol-free version for Fluffy.