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Psychiatric drugs, and specifically anti-anxiety medication, can help put the cat at ease. Sometimes that alone can stop unwanted behaviors. Other times, medications set the stage for the cat to respond to behavioral therapy.
Cats too suffer from bouts of anxiety and show signs of stress. This article will cover some anti-anxiety medication for felines.
If you want to buy Rx or OTC anti-anxiety meds for cats online, but you don’t know which one to choose, ask your questions about popular anti-anxiety meds for cats right now, from any country of the world. Anti-Anxiety Medications for Cats - Tufts Catnip ArticleCalm Cat Anti Anxiety and Stress Relief Coat for CatsExtra Long Anti-Anxiety Music for Cats Playlist
Anxiety in cats manifests from the anticipation of future dangers from unknown or imagined origins. This results in normal body reactions associated with fear, most commonly urination and/or passage of bowel movements, destruction, excessive vocalization, and even fear-based aggression in some cats. Anxiety in cats can have many causes, including illness, emotional or physical traumatic experiences, and aging factors associated with nervous system changes, including infections and viruses. Common anxiety triggers include excessive noises such as thunderstorms, as well as when left alone. Most cat anxieties develop at the onset of social maturity from 12 to 36 months of age. Old age separation anxiety of unknown cause may be a variant of a decline in thinking, learning, and memory in senior cats. Feral cats that are deprived of social and environmental exposure until 14 weeks of age may become habitually fearful of contact.Just as many other anti-anxiety meds for cats, Triflupromazine-based medications provide an analgesic effect. That is why these drugs can be used to reduce the anxiety, caused by clinical or surgical procedures.Triflupromazine is one of the most effective anti-anxiety meds for cats. In the USA, this medication is sold under the brand Vetame. Triflupromazine-containing tablets and Vetame injections quickly relieve the anxiety and uncontrolled hyperactivity of cats.Q: We're about to travel a long distance in the car with my 18-year-old cat. She's always been miserable on car rides. I've increased the bedding in her carrier. The veterinarian suggested (an anti-anxiety drug) called Alprazolam, but it hasn't helped. When traveling, the cat cries non-stop, which makes me want to cry. Any advice? -- I.G., Appleton, WIAs alternative to Triflupromazine, other anti-anxiety meds for cats can be used, containing sedative-analgesic agents like Dexmedetomidine or Xylazine.To prepare your cat for a travel, you may use various tranquilizers, including medications containing Acepromazine. In the USA, such anti-anxiety meds for cats are available under the brand PromAce, in Australia – under the brand Anamav, ACP 2, ACP 10 and ACP 25.