A healthy, grain free treat for cats and dogs.

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Treats are great motivators. Boost your pet's brain and body by using treats to train for agility exercises. You can also help your cat or dog get moving by hiding dry treats around the house -- an especially effective tactic with indoor pets. Another option: some toys are made so you can hide a treat inside them. Your pup then has to play, paw, and tussle with the toy to retrieve his yummy reward.
In May, Petco announced it would start taking steps to remove China-made dog and cat treats.
Although most pets relish a tasty tidbit, the treat they probably like best is time with you. Making time daily to play with your cat or dog helps them bond with you, keeps them fit, and bans boredom. So drag string, throw a ball, and give them what they're hungry for: lots of praise and love from you. What is the difference between Benny Bullys® Dog Treats and Cat TreatsQuestions about Salmonella or safe treats for dogs and cats?  or !Natural dentifrice treat for dogs and cats made with dental-active natural cheeses
Most of them, though, are pretty human-oriented, and not so healthy for our canine or kitten companions. But we like including our pets in our holiday plans. So we’ve compiled a list of our favorite homemade dog and cat treats for autumn. Dig in!Cats should be fed and dogs fed dog treats because the twodifferent foods are designed to meet the needs of two different animals. Cat treats are much higher in protein, making them attractive to dogs, which can cause health problems for dogs, who are omnivores.DIY Pet Recipes For Treats and Food - Dogs, Cats and Puppies Will Love These Homemade Products and Healthy Recipe Ideas - Peanut Butter, Gluten Free, Grain Free - How To Make Home made Dog and Cat FoodLong term, eating too many cat treats can lead to obesity, which can lead to more serious health problems, as well as poor coat and allergies, which can cause excessive itchiness and ear infections. Excessive amounts can also lead to organ damage since dogs won't have all the nutrients they need for their bodies to function properly.Dogs require fruits and vegetables to make their diets complete. Catsdon't. Thus, high quality cat food is made up almost entirely of protein and vitamins that cats need for their predatory lifestyle. Sincedog treats are formulated for dogs, they are simply healthier for dogs to consume.I can’t remember a time when supermarkets or even vets’ offices didn’t sell dozens of kinds of pet foods, toys, and snacks. But it wasn’t actually that long ago when pet products were uncommon and dogs and cats managed to survive quite well, entertaining themselves and foraging for treats along the banks of riverbeds—not your friendly neighborhood bank where neon-colored dog biscuits are ubiquitous nowadays. Even worse, it seems hardly a month goes by these days when some adulterated pet food ingredient or contaminated product isn’t in the news, most recently the pet biscuits and treats that are being .In addition, teach your dog a leave it command around cat food. First, teach leave it with items that are less desirable. Then, practicearound cat food, only on leash. When your dog looks away from the cat food and back at you, reward with a special treat. Occasionally, you caneven reward with cat food.This easy treat is good for both cats and dogs. Sauté grass-fed beef liver or other liver in a little butter or olive oil over low heat until cooked through (no pink showing in the center). Let it cool enough so you can handle it, and slice it thin (1/8-inch thick or less). Spread slices on a greased cookie sheet and bake at 200 degrees F, turning the slices over after two to three hours, until they are dry and crispy. Store in an airtight container.