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Earthbath Eye Wipes (25 soft wipes). Earthbath Eye Wipes are a fast, convenient way to keep the area around your pet's eyes clean and free of tear stains, dirt, secretions and other general discharge. These eye wipes are hypo-allergenic and fragrance-free for safety. Safe for all dogs, cats and other furry pets over 6 weeks old. Will not remove spot flea treatments. Ingredients: Purified water, aloe vera, boric acid, polysorbate. Non-Ingredients: Anything that would harm you, your pet, or the planet. This product contains no: parabens,... - Earthbath Eye Wipes (25 soft wipes).
Earthbath All Natural Hypo-Allergenic and Fragrance Free Cat Wipes, Pack of 100 wipes
Water-fearin' furballs need to feel fresh, too! With Earthbath Hypo-Allergenic Grooming Wipes, there's no need for pups to go to bed dirty, even after a hard day of play. These hypoallergenic wipes gently wipe away dirt and remove odor between baths, and help reduce shedding. They're gentle enough for every part of your pet pal's body, and are great for wiping off paws after trips outside to reduce grass-related allergies and licking paws. No need to rinse. Safe for cats, too! Brush your cat daily to remove loose hair and use allergy-reducing wipesRemember to bathe your cats or wipe them with fragrance-free baby wipes or allergy wipes.Simple solution, cat, Allergy and shed relief bathing wipes. | The Cat Site
Do shampoos/wipes designed to get rid of cat allergies really work? :I would really like to know, as I am allergic to cats but love them with all my heart! If you have any other ideas (hopefully proven through personal experience) that would help me be able to get a … Do shampoos/wipes designed to get rid of cat allergies really work?Hofve suggests using non-toxic anti-allergy shampoos or wipes designed especially for cats. Adding some Omega-3 fatty acids to a cat’s diet can might also help. Before trying these, consult your veterinarian.Brush your cat daily. A non-allergic family member can be responsible for grooming (outdoors) or you can take your cat to a professional groomer.
Bathe your cat frequently or use allergen-reducing wipes such as Pal's Quick Cleansing Wipes, Whisker City or Nature's Miracle wipes.
Feed your cat a well-balanced diet that includes some natural fat. Fat will make her skin less dry so there will be less shedding.
Wash your cat's bedding and toys weekly.
Have someone else change the litter box. Also avoid deodorized litter and litter that throws off dust.They can also ease the symptoms of allergy sufferers. The cleansing agent in cat wipes removes dander and traces of her saliva from her fur. Cat allergies are twice as common as dog allergies. Proteins in cat saliva and dander are what trigger allergic reactions in people that are sensitive to them. Even people who do not have a direct allergy to these proteins can have reactions to cats that go outdoors. If your cat is allowed outside, she can bring in pollen or mold on her fur. Wiping her down with a cat wipe can prevent this trigger for people that suffer from these allergies.Another reason to have cat wipes around is that the wipes can help minimize shedding. Wipes are designed to clean your cat’s fur of dander () and other allergens while leaving behind allergy protection (temporary of course). This is because most wipes are formulated to reinforce/restore your cat’s coat by replenishing the natural protective oils your cat produces. This helps minimize shedding.Human/dog and human/cat allergies are quite common. We suggest regularly using grooming wipes to control dander, shedding and residual saliva that remain in dog’s and cat’s fur as a first line of defense against allergies.