Is It Safe to Give a Cat Eye Allergy Drops for Humans

As I have a bit of a bias about how to treat cat allergy with allergy drops,
Our clinic offers targeted high-dose oral immunotherapy treatments, designed in accordance with well established European protocols that have been shown to offer excellent benefit. The current studies still indicate that injection immunotherapy may be slightly more beneficial, but oral immunotherapy offers substantial benefits much greater than placebo drops in controlled medical studies. Because of the convenience of home therapy and good efficacy, SLIT is rapidly being used more for airborne allergies (pollen, mold, dust mites, and animal danders).
Cat allergic? Allergy drops can make it easier to live in harmony with your pets.
The cons to sublingual immunotherapy are that the allergy extract does not have approval by the FDA for use under the tongue. For the allergy extract manufacturers to do these studies for each individual allergen, such as sagebrush pollen, alternaria mold and cat dander would be cost prohibitive. Insurance companies will not pay for anything that is not FDA approved. This means they will not pay for allergy extract administered under the tongue, but they do routinely pay for SCIT. We are able to provide SLIT allergy drops at our cost by preparing them on a cash only basis, requiring the payment in advance. If you have further interest in SLIT, please click below for general information from our office, as well as dosing schedules. Talk to your allergy vet today about PALLERGY drops for cat allergies.One bottle of Pollenguard Sublingual Cat Allergy Drops will last 30 to 45 days depending on whether 2 or 3 drops are taken daily.Depending on what the patient is allergic to, the allergy drops may consist of tree, grass, mold, dust mites, cockroach, dog or cat allergens.
Allergydrops (including under-the-tongue applications) have been used for more than100 years. There is a largeamount of scientific evidence from the past 30 yearswhichconcludes that sublingual immunotherapy is both safe and effective.Many people get away with giving human allergy to a cat with eye problems. You may not be able to see the immediate effects thatthese have on a cat's eye. Chemicals that are contained in brands like Visine and Clear Eyes have not likely been tested on animals and should therefore be avoided. If you're looking for allergy eye drops for your cat, it's best to check your local pet store, or the pet section at the grocery or health food store. Cat eye drops are designed specifically with the cat's delicate eye in mind. If your veterinarian has recommended an eye drop that requires a prescription and you're looking for a cheaper alternative, you may benefit from checking into helpful solutions that can be made at home.Allergy eye drops can be necessary and helpful if your cat is experiencing itchy, watery or irritated eyes due to allergies or an infection. Human eye drops are readily available and may seem like a quick fix for your cat's eye problems. It's not recommended, however, touse over-the-counter eye drops designed for humans in a cat's eye, because these drops contain chemicals which can be harmful and cause additional problems. Cat's eyes are designed a bit differently from ours, and there are eye drops on the market made especially for cats. You can also research at-home, natural or homeopathic remedies that may solve the problem of cat eye allergies.It can often be difficult to administer allergy eye drops to a cat. No matter which way works best for you, always be sure never to touch the eyeball. Allow the solution you're using to drip into the eye. You can dip a clean finger into the solution, use an eyedropper or submerse acotton ball and squeeze. You may need two people for this job, depending upon the cat's disposition, and you might benefit from wrapping the cat in a towel or setting him or her on a slippery surface,such as the table or a washing machine. This can help prevent getaway for a short period of time.Many at-home remedies are available and can either act as a replacement for medicated allergy eye drops, or may work in conjunction with them. A simple saline solution can be prepared from dissolving 1/2 teaspoon of salt in a pint of distilled water. This can be helpful for cleaning eye discharge caused by allergic reaction and may provide some relief for burning or itchy eyes. If you have discovered different herbal tinctures which are helpful for , you may add them to this saline solution, as well.You could put a big "ditto" around conurepete's post for me. I get shots, keep the cats out of the bedroom, change my clothes after they lounge or sleep on me for a while, vacuum with a HEPA vac, dust regularly, and often use anti-allergy eye drops for episodes of itchiness. For the most part I feel no symptoms at home, but other people's cats bother me pretty quickly.