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We just got a false alarm in our first 3 days; I suspect our (rather large) 17lb cat.
A security system with a is the best way to prevent pet false alarms. These detectors are set to distinguish between a 20 pound dog and a 200 pound person moving through the room. They’re the type of motion sensor most often used by people with cats and small to medium-sized dogs because there’s less chance of the pet tripping the alarm.
Who needs an alarm clock when there's a cat to chew your hair and walk across your bladder?
We are unable to find iTunes on your computer. To download the free app Cat Alarm Clock :3 Alarm Clock Designed for Cats by HANBUNCO, INC., get iTunes now. How does your cat act as your alarm clock? Tell us in the comments!If you have a cat you won't need an alarm clock!!!Cat alarms are the best. Nothing like a cat licking your eye to wake you up.
Yes, cats cause a lot of false alarms. Apart from careful positioning the passive-infrared detectors, believe it or not we used to mask off the lower parts of the detectors so that they were blind to any activity below a certain level. You have to determine the highest part a cat can get to and use that as the threshold. The most common spot was the back of the couch on a wall facing a PIF. We'd use adhesive labels cut to size, and adjust them as necessary. A low-tech solution, but it worked.Our alarm system has a motion detector that covers the kitchen that has never been tripped by our cats. I, being the curious type, did set it off while crawling on the floor, so it cannot be height sensitive. It must be size sensitive.This is what we do, since we have a dog. The alarm will sound if any door or window is opened, but the dog can romp freely. We use the "regular" alarm with the motion sensors only when we go on vacation.The cat training alarm has motion and vibration sensors. Once the alarm is activated, it lets out a high pitched tone that’s unpleasant for your pet. Since the alarm has motion sensors you don’t have to manually press a button to activate the alarm every time your cat climbson the counter or your dining table. You could simply leave the alarm on the counter top or your table top. Once the alarm senses your cat’s presence it will automatically emit the high pitched sound.A cat training alarm is a device that’sused to train pets that behave in an undesirable manner. Pet owners generally know more about dog training methodologies in comparison to feline behavior training methods. But if you don’t want your cat to climb your kitchen counters or your dining table you can use the alarm to discourage these undesirable behaviors. Besides the cat alarm many owners also use spray bottles and noisemakers as training tools.Sealive Cool Robot Cat Alarm Clock Talking Digital Alarms with Repeating/Sleep & Snooze Function,Temperature Display,Best Children Kid Gift,Bedroom Decoration(Blue,White): Home & KitchenThe cat will eventually understand that there’s a relation between the sound of the alarm and him climbing on top of the counter. In clinical terms this is known as conditioning. Your pet will therefore stop climbing up on the counter after a few weeks. You can use the same technique to prevent your cat from doing anything else that’s undesirable.A simple can filled with a few coins can serve as a cheap alternativeto cat alarms and commercial noisemakers. The only difference is that you will have to manually use the noisemaker to alter your pet’s bad behavior each time it occurs.