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In partnership with Operation Kindness, Galleria Dallas will be hosting dog and cat pet adoptions. This is the perfect time to get a new friend just in time for the holidays.
Dallas Cat Lady Adoptions
Have you ever seen an adorable cat or kitten up for adoption and featured on your local news channel? Those great cats and kittens aren’t rare finds! They are the norm, and just about everywhere – including right here in Dallas – there are too many pets and not enough homes choosing to adopt them. Unfortunately, many animals are still not spayed or neutered resulting in thousands of unwanted cats and kittens each year. Join us Sunday, December 6 at Pet Supplies Plus in Dallas (Forest Lane location) to meet some of our adoptable pups!Dallas Cat Lady Adoptions has cats and kittens for adoption. Adopt a pet in Dallas, Texas.How to Adopt a Cat | Dallas Pets Alive!
Dallas Animal Services and Adoption Center provides animal sheltering, care and control services for the City of Dallas. Dogs and cats are evaluated by our staff after their stray hold is over if they have not been reclaimed by their owners. Dogs and cats that are healthy and have good temperaments are moved into our adoption program, space permitting. We always have a large variety of pets available. And when you adopt a shelter pet, you're not only getting a loving, lifelong companion, but you're also saving the life of a precious animal. Please come visit us. Your new best friend is just waiting to meet you!

The goal of our Foster Program is to find forever homes for feral kittens and shelter cats. The Foster Program will match foster volunteers with cats and kittens from local TNR colonies and shelters. Dallas Pets Alive! can provide medical treatment or socialization in a foster home setting, until these cats are ready to be adopted. DPA! volunteers maintain a database of cats who are ready for adoption and guide people through the adoption process.The Cat Program at Dallas Pets Alive! aims to decrease the homeless cat population within Dallas in two ways: by promoting the adoption of shelter cats and by participating in trap-neuter-release initiatives for feral cats. Our volunteers participate in the fostering, adoption counseling and humane trapping and transport of Dallas cats. Dallas Cat Lady Adoptions has been working since 2006 to find good homes for cats and kittens and a few dogs. We work with local shelters to give cats and kittens more time to find just the right home. We have placed over 5,000 kitties & a few dogs with new families Rescuing homeless dogs and cats from the City of Dallas animal shelters by sponsoring off-site adoptions to find these abandoned animals terrific, loving homes…often many of these wonderful pets are days away from being euthanized simply because there are not enough homes... a tragedy we are determined to end;You may be looking at the options, and wondering what the difference is between buying a cat or kitten you see advertised for sale in the Dallas newspaper, for instance, and adopting a cat or kitten from a shelter. One main difference is the feeling you get from knowing your choice is actually saving a life. When you adopt a cat or kitten from a Dallas-area shelter or rescue group, you’ll not only save the life of the cat you’ll call your new best friend, but you’ll be helping another cat by creating an open space at the shelter. And your new cat will show you vast amounts of gratitude every day!