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Meowingtons Cat Stuffs - Catyhose, Watches, Cat Rings, Crop Tops
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Por Cat Accessories For Humans
Pet Lounge Studios specializes in "the humanization of pets thru design." Founder Corey Drew began his career as a designer for one of the largest manufacturers in the world, where he realized there was a need for well-designed pet furniture. Now, his company creates some of the most distinctive pet beds, loungers and other pet accessories in the world. His hammock designs (shown) are great for cats and small dogs. (, $200-$250) Por Cat Accessories For HumansPor Cat Accessories For HumansPor Cat Accessories For Humans
…We’re not talking about your . No, no. Us humans at KitNipBox are talking about how pawsitively thrilled we are to introduce to the internets! After spending months examining cat products, accessories, and trends, we’re finally ready for this blog to be read by your purrty human eyes.