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Caterpillar - Turbocharger (dx o sx) CAT 359‐5395 - MilanTractor
Ok everyone, SB 359 has moved to the House. It will be heard by the House Committee on Agriculture, Chesapeake and Natural Resources (date of meeting TBD). The opposition has already been contacting Committee members. It is VERY IMPORTANT to write your Delegate and ask them to support SB 359, a bill designed to permit more wide-scale trap, neuter, return (TNR) efforts by SPCAs, Humane Societies and Pounds to reduce feral cat populations in communities throughout our Commonwealth.
3c Deep Violet, Bluish (Scott 359). Attractive wide margins, rich color on deeply blued paper, Very Fine, with 1980 P.F. certificate
1909, 3¢ deep violet, bluish paper (359), deep color, original gum, lightly hinged, Fine. Scott price $1,800 Expertization: 2003 PSE Certificate. pete 359 w/a V8 catpete 359 w/a V8 cat
An awesome Pete 359 with extended hood from 1973. Cat 3406B with an 15 Speed Eaton Fuller gearbox.
Listen to the awesome sound as we are going through the gears.The Dog Show #359 – January 13, 2016
Highlighting an all-time favorite today: Dr. Michael Fox illuminates the unethical relationship between prescription diets companies and veterinary schools, as well as other “nasties” about the pet food industry. Dr. Fox is the co-author of “Not Fit for A Dog: The Truth About Manufactured Dog and Cat Food”. This interview is a must-listen for pet owners. Knowledge is power. This video is a picture history of a restoration of a 1978 359 Peterbilt, bought from a scrap yard. Powered by a 3408 Cat, 8 cylinder, 450 HP from factory, tuned to 600 HP. It features a 2 stick 5X4 Spicer transmission, stretched to a 325" wheelbase.
This was an amazing project done in the owner's driveway, in the good weather.
When the truck was completed, he drove it hauling flatbed trailers for a few years or so, then sold it.
When it was sold, he started his next restoration project..... another 359 Pete!


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Song: Log Cabin
Artist: Silent PartnerSB 359 will enable local governments and organizations to reduce the feral cat and kitten populations in their communities through organized trap, neuter and return efforts. Passage of this bill will result in increased TNR efforts and enable more volunteers, community residents and businesses to become active participants in TNR, resulting in a greater number of cats being fixed and less kittens being born in our Virginia communities.SB 359 allows SPCAs, Humane Societies and Pounds to design wide-scale trap, neuter and return (TNR) efforts without requiring that all participants be deemed owners under the law simply by virtue of their willingness to assist in getting feral cats fixed.Now is the time for Virginia to move forward with solutions, not excuses. Please support SB 359 because we can reduce the cat/kitten populations in our Virginia communities.