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I agree, in an ideal world, all cat food would be organic and carrageenan-free, Patti!
Does the behavior of my cats sound all too familiar? Wellness cat food provides something delicious for every picky (or should I say “refined”) cat. There are 5 different textures of wet cat food in the Wellness Complete Health line. All of the following are grain-free and carrageenan free:
Just discovered that Petguard Organic Chicken and Vegetables canned cat food is carrageenan free and the smaller 5.5 oz cans are BPA free.
When experts list the top canned cat foods for cats, Halo's Spot's Stew usually earns a recommendation. High quality ingredients and a spotless safety record are why. For example, packs chunks of chicken, chicken liver and turkey into a broth rich with vegetables -- carrots, zucchini, green peas, yellow squash, green beans and celery -- and no grains. That's key, experts say, because cats haven't evolved to digest grain. In addition, Spot's Stew flavors are free of any controversial ingredients, though another variety -- Halo's Spot's Pate -- does contain carrageenan. The cat food comes only in smaller-sized cans (3 and 5.5 ounces), but they are BPA-free. Thank you for posting this–carrageenan is everywhere–it seems more so in gluten-free foods. People need to be educated about this!Carrageenan-free canned foods? | The Cat SiteAug 10, 2013 - Anyone know what brands of canned cat food are carrageenan free
This protein-rich CORE® Pâté wet cat food contains wholesome ingredients that are free from grains, carrageenan, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives to give your cat the energy it needs to thrive.

are carrageenan free. These foods don’t contain veggies, carbs, fruits, or soy, but instead focuses on creating a food that mimics what cats would eat in the wild. Shredded chicken, eggs, ingredients are easily recognizable to humans… which are not always the case in different types of cat food!We found lots of other grain-free foods that rate well with experts as well. For example, Weruva cat foods, such as , are made with simple, high-quality ingredients in a U.S. Department of Agriculture-certified factory in Thailand that also produces human food. The company pledges that all varieties are grain, GMO, MSG and carrageenan free. The company, like Nature's Logic and Halo, has a spotless recall record.Honestly, if you’d like your pet to eat human grade food, this is for you. Carrageenan free, free of grains, and other mystery ingredients, Weruva is a one serving pouched wet cat food that will make your felines VERY happy.This grain-free chicken wet food recipe is made with only the highest quality ingredients. It is free from grains, GMOs, MSG, and carrageenan – plus it is made with chicken that is antibiotic-, hormone-, and cage-free. Simply put, this wet food formula contains only the best ingredients that your cat needs for a healthy, well-balanced diet. canned Natures Variety Instinct 95% meat is carrageenan free; BTW, the cat and dog food are EXACTLY the same (taurine and all) and the dog food is cheaper than the cat foodAlthough it is a little bit of a challenge to find a canned dog food or cat food without the ingredient carrageenan, when you read the research done on this ingredient, you’ll probably feel the search for a carrageenan free pet food is worth the effort.
Right now – the end of May 2012 – the National Organic Standards Board will be deciding on whether to continue to allow carrageenan as an approved ingredient in organic foods (human as well as animal foods). Supporters of carrageenan argue it is a ‘natural’ ingredient sourced from seaweed. However significant research has found carrageenan to be far from ‘natural’ and has linked the ingredient to serious health concerns.I see the brand I just started my kitty on this this. The only reason I chose the Natural Balance LID is because it was the the only one that I noticed in my store that didn’t have Any Chicken anything in it. I get the Venison & Green Pea wet and dry. My cat has had IBS for 5 years now. My vet who did diagnose her with it wanted to put her on a Prescription diet food. I like to know what ingredients I’m giving my cat after ready so many horrible things about so many cat foods. I did lots of research checked out lots of bugs and found I just needed to remove grain from her diet. Once I did she has been fine all these years. Until now my vet says she has a food allergy which is common so they say. Again she wanted to put her on a prescription diet. I was beside myself not wanting to do that. Back to researching that I have to eliminate all the sources of protein she has been eating and start her on one new source of protein. Which leads me to the current food I have her on. I also read that Chicken is a number one allergen to cats. It seems the brand I have her on now still might not be a good healthy choice because it contains Carrageean. Is there a gran free cat food that does not have any chicken products in it? I which I had a holistic vet but I do not. I do have her set up with an appointment with a Vet skin specialist since her allergy is cause her to bite, scratch and lick all over and scoot after going to the bathroom. My poor baby is is 15 and also has Feline Herpes. Any food suggestions from anyone would be great appreciated.