Cat Life Play Tree Carpet Scratching Post In Blue From Penn Plax

DIY scratching post - PVC, plywood, sisal rope, and carpet. Cat sold separately.
A lot of scratching posts come with sisal on them. For a cost-saving alternative, or if you currently have a carpeted post, buy rolls of sisal rope and wrap the rope tightly around the post, securing both the top and bottom ends. This allows you to change the sisal rope when it becomes worn and frayed, rather than replacing the whole post. I buy the rolls at the local hardware store for about $4 each.

There are cardboard alternatives that are a bit cheaper in the beginning, but these are not likely to stand up for long to an enthusiastic cat - and you will spend more money in the long run buying the cardboard refills than the cost of a good sisal post. Plus, after the cardboard gets tattered and no longer fulfills their needs the couch starts looking good again...
Acti Cat Carpet Scratching Post
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We have no place for a scratching post for our 2 cats so...I thought, why not put it on the wall. Carpet stapled to the wall and trim out with chair rail. Some cat nip spray and they love it. We had the carpet remnant and the chair rail so it cost $0.The surface of the scratching post should be covered with a rough, tough material–sisal, hemp or something similarly nubby. Carpet does not satisfy most cats, and can confuse them because they will not be allowed to scratch the carpet on the floor of your home.♥ DIY Cat Stuff ♥ DIY Pinspiration: Wooden crate cat bed and scratching post. No instructions but looks pretty simple... 2 crates, wood posts, rope and a carpet covered base.There are horizontal scratchers for carpet-lovers, wedge shaped ramps for cats who scratch low on furniture, and upright posts for cats that like to stretch.Every Cat or Kitten needs a heavy duty scratching post or cat tree! Molly and Friends small cat furniture and cat scratchers are ideal for an apartment or home with limited space. They are also popular for older cats. Scratching posts are popular among cat owners and provide cats with a way to scratch without damaging furniture, curtains or other household decor. All Molly and Friends Furniture comes in a variety of carpeted or siseled shapes, sizes and colors! Mix and match to fit your decor or go with our wide selection of neutral tones.
Click to view our product catalog.If you buy a carpeted scratching post made from berber, or loop carpet, be aware that pulling on one of these fibers may actually result in a long string of fiber taken from the carpet. This is because the loops are connected in rows to the carpet backing. This is no big deal for many people whose cats prefer a loop carpet when they are in a shredding mood. When loose fibers appear out of place or sticking out beyond the nap, or surface of the carpet, you can just trim them off with a good sharp scissors. Be careful not to cut off anything important from yourself (I thought I'd throw that in there, just to be on the safe side).
Carpeted scratching posts and cat furniture make up the bulk of most manufactured scratching posts and furniture. It is easily made, easy to work with and can be attached to many different surfaces and shapes. It is also much easier to use to make larger cat trees. Carpet is not nearly as durable as sisal, so over time it shreds. Carpet also retains dirt and debris, so it will need occasional vacuuming and replacing.

Cardboard scratching surfaces are fairly new and by far the cheapest alternative. Most cardboard scratching surfaces are refillable. Cardboard, which has a lot of holes, can easily accommodate catnip to make it more attractive; however, it shreds easily, leading to bits of cardboard getting spread everywhere. Some cats also like to chew on cardboard, which is not good, due to the chemicals present in cardboard.

Affordability: Sisal rope and sisal weave are both more expensive than carpet. Also, the labor to wrap sisal rope around a post will add to the cost of the product. Remember that a cheap sisal scratcher is a sign that the sisal may not even be sisal at all! If it is sisal rope, it might be a small diameter, such as 1/4". In fact, 1/4" diameter sisal rope is used by most of the cat post vendors on eBay. I always use 3/8" sisal rope on my scratching posts. These posts will last a lot longer than those with 1/4" sisal rope, and they also will have more of a sturdy, meaty look to them. You should feel free to ask the vendor what diameter sisal rope (s)he is using. Here are some equivalents: 1/4 inch equals 6.25 mm. 3/8 inch equals about 9.5 mm (just in case the vendor comes from a country other than the USA and provides this information in metric units).