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Cats love curves and edges on their cardboard lounges and these three pieces are perfect examples of those features. The is a nice wide corrugated cardboard scratcher with raised sides, which give kitty something to rest against when lounging. This one is great because you can flip over the bottom and the sides to get twice the use out for the cardboard.
We have some purchased cardboard scratch mats and the cats love them. Now I can make my own! Thanks for sharing.
Q: Thank you for your information last week about how to teach cats to use scratching posts. I find it very confusing to choose the right post. Do you have any suggestions?

A: The first thing to consider when buying a scratching post or furniture is whether or not your cat prefers angled, vertical or horizontal surfaces. Some cats like to stretch and pull down, while others like to stretch out horizontally along the floor. Most commercially available cat trees provide both surfaces–a base for vertical and a post for horizontal scratching, but the base might be too small for stretching out, and the post might be too short or not sturdy enough for the cat. Cardboard types tend to lie directly on the floor or at an angle, while other vertical scratching surfaces can be hung from a doorknob. The best thing you can do for your cat is to offer a few different options at first, observe your cat, and pick one based on your cat's personal preferrence

DIY simple cardboard scratcher for cats - Album on ImgurMake cardboard scratching pads for cats and donate them to the local animal shelter. This is a great way to #upcycle Girl Scout Cookie cases!Mar 27, 2016 - Save this for later. Pin it! How To Choose Cardboard Cat Scratchers Some pets, cats in particular have the bizarre habit of scratching at things.
Cats need both horizontal scratchers and vertical scratching posts. While many cats seem to perfer one over the other, all cats do scratch on both horizontal and vertical surfaces. Most cats prefer sisal or jute rope wrapped posts rather than carpeted posts. Most cats like the inexpensive flat corrugated cardboard scratchers. For cats who mostly prefer upright scratching, a scratching post with a wide, carpeted base can serve for both vertical and horizontal scratching. Adult cats love the inclined scratchers too. Adult cats can be tempted to use the corrugated cardboard scratchers at first by putting catnip underneath the corrugated cardboard, but once they have used them, they just keep using them without any catnip as they discovered how good they are for scratching on. We have two Cosmic Alpine Scratchers and they have been used daily by our cats for many years- the same two Cosmic Alpine Scratchers, since they last for years! (Though the one our 15 pound cat uses the most has lost some of it's incline.) A favorite horizontal scratcher for most cats is a corrugated cardboard scratcher. They are sold in pet stores, department stores such as Target and Wal-Mart, and even in many grocery stores. Material with “give” so claws can find a way in deep. Remember homemade trees covered with ’70s shag carpet? You can sometimes still find them, and if you can stand the look, that shag is cat-alicious. That’s because the big loops allow a cat to get in deep, dig in those claws and really get a good stretch. For a more modern, neutral look that’s packed with feline appeal, try sisal. This rough, natural rope is perfect for cats, and you can refresh it easily by getting new material at the home-supply store and rewrapping the post yourself. And, yes, cardboard is very appealing to cats and turns up in all kinds of fashion-forward scratching products.This DIY cat scratchboard is very cost effective and safe for the environment as well. So if you have cats and you have cardboard boxes lying around the house, why not try making this scratchboard? It’s a great way to keep your furniture scratch-free, your cat busy and recycle cardboard boxes instead of throwing it.At 3 inches, this scratcher is nice and thick, and the cardboard is sturdy. One side has a wavy design, the other side is straight, which offers variety for cats who prefer different types of scratching surfaces. .