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litter in the Litter One litter box, a cat urinates directly onto the cardboard false floor.
I swear by the Feline Pine plastic litter boxes. I also line the bottom compartment with a plastic biodegradable litter box liner, which makes it easy to clean. I am certainly open to the cardboard alternative, and suggest using the plastic liner with it too. You really do save a lot on litter costs with this type of box because few pellets go to waste. We have multiple cats, and every little bit helps!
Sewing pattern organizer from recycled cardboard using cat litter box (not litter box).
I like the idea, but I have the same concerns as other folks who have commented here. Is the box really made of cardboard as it appears? If so, I have to wonder if the makers have ever had cats! My two cats would have it shredded in no time. I also do not like the way there is a channel between the part that holds the litter, and the hood. It seems like just a useless space to collect yucky stuff. My older kitty occasionally “misses”, so easy to clean is always in the forefront of my mind! I have a lot of questions about the safflower seeds. What is the price of them compared to pine pellets? I currently use two-part boxes and a mixture of pine and hardwood pellets. Explore Maria Poulaki's board Explore Sonia Rodriguez's board May 6, 2010 - Does anyone here know why Scoop Away and Fresh Step are now selling their cat litters in cardboard boxes rather than in the plastic buckets?
Avoid litter box liners and large size litter pieces, such as crystals or pellets. Instead, choose soft, fine grain, clumping litter that is unscented. You may want to offer more than one box, each with a different brand of litter, to let your cat choose which type she likes best. Disposable cardboard boxes can be helpful when trying this. Also, slope the litter so it is about 1/2“ deep on one end and about 3” deep on the other. This will help you find the depth of litter your cat prefers. Finally, once you find a litter your cat likes – stick with it! Changing litter brands can upset cats and result in refusal to use the box.I include all necessary hardware, even a few extra pieces, just in case, for the assembly of my Out of Sight Litter Box® cabinet. Special hardware like the Top Lid stay keep the Top Lid in the open position while scooping. Also my Top Lid support bumpers are custom made with neoprene rubber washers that cushion the Top Lid closing with a soft “bonk” sound. My finished back panel allows the cabinet to be free standing, no longer does the cabinet have to be located against a wall, it can now be placed anywhere in a room. (Cheaper cabinets usually use nailed on cardboard for the back.) My front, and back panels have been designed to allow air flow and light into the cat litter pan cabinet area.Our little furry friends. They’re comfortable living the simple life in cardboard boxes. But here are some unique and more comfortable bed ideas for your cats, including some ideas on how to make your own. Upcycled and DIY Ideas Upcycled computer monitors, just like the one in picture (1), and old TVs can be turned […]This is an awesome concept. I love that everything you need is included and it doesn’t seem to compromise on size. I am not sure that I’d use it regularly, but it would be great for travel and situations where you need multiple boxes but don’t have the means to tote them around. I just have two concerns: 1) Since it is made of cardboard, is it possible for the urine to saturate the bottom of the box and make it messy to handle? I guess picking it up and throwing it in the trash is still more convenient than scrubbing a reusable plastic box. And 2) Since the box would be significantly lighter, would it scoot around on the floor when the cat jumps in and out of it? I think most people use some sort of litter-catching rug under their box, but just something to consider. Would definitely like to give it a try. Reasonable price, cool product.