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Build your own cat condo using these fun, stackable cardboard cat cubes!
My kitties love the cardboard insert on one of our cat scratchers. I agree that they prefer carpet, but it really could just be a question of opportunity. I have MUCH more carpet than cardboard scratchers. But if we won one of these cool KittyBlock cubes that would increase my carpet’s odds. LOL!
My cat LOVES her cardboard lounge, scratches it intensely several times a day. She would get some good use out of these cubes!
My cats actually prefer cardboard over anything else. Unfortunately, since they go through them so fast, I only buy the cheap ones (less than $10). I’ve been eyeing these cubes for awhile now but the price tag scares me a little bit – I would LOVE to try one though. If it lasts as long as I think it will, having 4 sides and all, it would be worth investing in more. My cat LOVES her cardboard lounge, scratches it intensely several times a day. She would get some good use out of these cubes!Scrap Scratchers and Loungers. Kitty Kan Cubes (made from scrap cardboard). $55.99. Eco Friendly Cat Scratcher Roll (ADD ON ONLY). $14.99$9.99.This kit of three Replacement Scratchers replaces cardboard scratchers that get used up on the Cats in Cubes modular condos.
Here’s a new modular cat hideaway system from . These 15″ cubes are made from sturdy corrugated cardboard and assemble easily to create a place for cats to climb and rest. 8″ round openings are pre-cut on all sides so you can decide which side the opening should face or create multiple openings.Cats love boxes, that is the universal truth. Amsterdam based company embraced the idea, initially by creating their hit cardboard litter box, and now with the new line of cat playware. BLOCKS is a successfully funded that goes into production in March. The principle is simple and brilliant: the BLOCKS package consists of two beams, two cubes, tunnel, bridge, slide and two types of connectors. It is light yet sturdy and can withstand any cat. The modularity of the design allows you to adjust it to your space constraints and your cat’s preferences. The boxes are made from recycled and biodegradable cardboard, easy on the wallet and the environment alike.Just think of the endless possibilities for building an incredible cat castle with this set-up! It’s the , sold in a set of 5 cubes, 3 top boards, 5 connecting passages, 20 clips and 5 catball toys, all made from sturdy cardboard. $199.99 for the set on .Here’s another way to create a custom kitty habitat. It’s , easy-to-assemble cardboard cubes, which fit together to create passageways and climbing towers. Customize your Catty Stacks to create any size and shape you want. Available in several colors and two fun animal prints!Blocks is the work of Dutch cat litter purveyor Poopy Cat, and consists of multiple cardboard flatpack modules that are folded and joined together with reusable cardboard connector pieces. The most basic kit comprises two beams, two cubes, a tunnel, bridge, a ramp, and two types of connectors – all made from recycled cardboard that can be painted.My cats have always preferred carpet for scratching (preferably the carpet they’re not supposed to scratch of course). And I wasn’t sure exactly where I’d put the cardboard cubes.