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Since writing this I tried weruva chicken again and have found that the ratio of chicken to gravey has improved. Thank you!!! My cat can happily eat this food and be adiquately fed while enjoying your product. I buy by the case and it is the only food my cat can tolerate other than the occasional fish dinner. Buy Tuna Weruva Pet Food - Dog Food, Cat Food - Free ShippingBuy Weruva Asian Fusion Tuna Rice & Shirasu Canned Cat FoodBuy Beef Weruva Pet Food - Dog Food, Cat Food - Free Shipping
I just wanted to write a quick thank you note to your company. Last Jan we rescued a kitty from the humane society (also have an 18 year old cat). Miss Kali came to us eating wet food. This was not something we were used to as my older cat has only eaten dry. It took quite a bit of trial and error to find something she likes. After I really got looking at the foods I was buying, the first ingredient was meat by-products. GROSS! I dropped into Urban Paws in Kingston, Ontario. Tried a few other foods there. Nothing with meat by-products of course, but the only food Kali begs for (and I mean begs) is Weruva and BFF. Low and behold my 18 year cats appears every morning and every night for his fill! How fantastic is that?! So, for almost a year now I have been buying nothing but your product. Today I dropped into Urban Paws to stock up and talk about fantastic timing, the Weruva rep was there!! I relayed my wonderful experience with him and he had some samples for my kitties. (super nice guy by the way) BONUS! So, I want to thank your company for a super fantastic product that keep my cats healthy and happy!!!I am constantly cruising the aisles at Pet Valu trying to find the best cat food money can buy so that my cats will actually finish it and not let it crust over in the bowl. Something about your packaging attracted me to this food. You have 3 rescue cats, I have 3 rescue cats. Ever since introducing them to Weruva, the bowls are licked clean within minutes and their faces don’t even come up for air. All 3 of my puddies love the tastes and textures of your food immensely.BEST. PET FOOD. EVER! My finicky dog will eat anything out of a Weruva can and it's the only food I see him get excited for. He loves your Dogs in the Kitchen line. You also do an excellent job of educating concerned customers—and cynics—regarding doubts about overseas manufacturing, "questionable" ingredients, etc. I, for one, am incredibly pleased and impressed with the quality of food and service Weruva brings to the pet food industry. Keep doing what you're doing (and I'll keep buying)!! Weruva Foreva!Just an interesting note. We have 3 10-month old cats from Berkeley Humane Society. Even when they were only several months old, Oscar, an all black, 10 lb. sleek guy, would only eat dry food. His siblings devour almost any wet food we get, but he refused it all. We have tried almost every brand and finally, we found that he loves Funk in the Trunk. So do his brother and sister, so we buy it by the case now.I have moved from Montana to Portland Oregon and I was looking for the pet store I buy Weruva from but could not locate it and stopped at a different one which sells only premium foods but no Weruva. He told me he only sells foods that he has personally been able to tour the processing plant. If he sees any trace of mice, workers don’t wear proper head and foot protection, etc. he will not carry their products. He said that in December he will be going to Thailand to tour the Tiki Cat plant. He has contacted the people at Weruva, but was turned down! I am very impressed that he goes to this extreme to insure that our animals have the best foods. I told him I would contact you and see if there was anything you could do to help him. My 3 babies and I love the Weruva. I think this owner is great to care so much. I am considering going to a food that he can attest to.I just wanted to thank you wonderful people for putting Weruva foods on the market. I was searching for a good food for my Romeo that didn't have all of the by-products and garbage most manufacturers put into cat food these days and I stumbled upon Tracie Hotchner's Cat Bible and Cat Chat and she's a very vocal advertiser for you (with good reason). What she said about the quality of your foods swayed me to buy some Weruva. What sold me for life was the way my Romeo loves it. He can't get enough of it! He has tried all but three of your flavors and loves every single one of them. Now his coat is softer than a high dollar mink coat and so incredibly beautiful I can't begin to explain it. He's also the most happy, playful, energetic little kitty I've ever met. I will never ever feed him anything but Weruva again! So both of us thank you for your amazing product and we'll join the ranks of the faithful and spread the word about Weruva.