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I have noticed the same thing. Normally, I could only find the cans with a 7W code locally, and until a few months ago, the food seemed fine; every now and then I would notice a little bit of a difference in the consistency. Then I noticed the dry, burnt consistency of the Turkey and Chicken Grain Free canned flavors every time I bought it. My cat began to avoid eating the food and sometimes even pawed at the floor when I put it down for her! When I went to buy some more food for her at the same local store, I did notice there was a difference in the color of the labels and the codes on the can were MW. I figured I would try them and my cat much prefers these cans, because the food seems to be fresher, with a softer consistency. Now I can’t find any cans with the MW code anywhere within a 50 mile radius! My local store says they have no control over which manufacturing plant they receive their shipments from. When I contacted Wellness with my concerns, I was told there had been no change in the ingredients at all, and there was just a difference in the cooking methods. The rep told me that Wellness is no longer going to be using the Utah plant that manufactures cans with the MW code, due to many complaints from consumers about the “mushiness” of the food. Of course, my cat prefers this consistency, so I am now on the search for a new canned cat food! If anyone has any suggestions please let me know!
You may be wondering, “Where can I buy Wellness Cat Food?”. Wellness is sold in many small and large pet food stores, as well as online.
Available in some exquisite flavors, this wellness core dry cat food is one of the best things you can buy for your cats. The quality taste and no compromise with quality principal makes these products highly appreciated among masses. Wellness cat food reviews are going to help you make wise decisions for a brighter future of your cat. Select Wellness 3oz Canned Cat Food is buy 3 get 1 FREE this month, while supplies lastI have been buying the Wellness Complete G/F canned cat food for 2 years now.Buy Wellness Turkey Formula Canned Cat Food for only $32.99 at Pet Food Direct, Pet Food Direct
Special offer! Select Wellness 3oz Canned Cat Food is buy 3 get 1 FREE this month, while supplies last. Choose from over a dozen delicious flavors:Wellness cat foods are modern day fodder hence they ensure proper growth of eyes, quality skin, smooth fur and a healthy skeleton. The measured vitamin and minerals proves to be really beneficial if consumed on regular basis. Cat owners can finally go out of their ways and do things for their cats; buying these products ensures a right step in the healthier direction.We have 9 indoor cats who are our babies since we chose not to have people babies. We buy our food by the case 4 cases at a time. My cats have been sick and some would just not eat the canned food from Wellness chicken the recalled 12.5 cans. I was not notified but just had this feeling to look up recalled moist food and low and behold I had already fed one case of the recalled food and 1 1/2 cans of the 2nd case. My cats have been throwing up daily with one cat throwing up mucus with blood in it!!!! Tried to take her to the vet but she scratched the daylight out of my husband and ran and hid. Then later ate her contaminated food since I still did not know. I have been at my wits end trying to figure out what is wrong!!!!!!!!! Also upset with the company that they would not notify the specific people who has purchased those contaminated foods!!! After reading the other stories I am seriously thinking of changing foods! I feel that if the company really cared about there consumers and there animal families they would have gone out of there way to let us know about the food recall! All I can say is reckless and dishonest and has probably hurt the company more than helped them by not making this error made know. I want to say I am so sorry to hear about the kitty who died and the others who are sick like mine! I will be praying for all of our furry family for complete recovery without any residual health issues!!!Yet another recall this month due to metal contamination. Cat owners are advised to stop feeding their pets this food if it matches the name, recipe and best by date outlined below. This Wellness cat food recall has been added to the . Be sure to download the app and use it the next time you purchase your pet food because the cat food you’re buying might be recalled!Coming from the house of wellness, this natural dry cat food is one of the best fodders to buy for your lovely kittens. These products are designed to cater a quality taste along with optimum health. Be it or cats; all of them are going to love the taste while the pet owners will be happy with the immaculate growth. Available in great number of flavors, which makes this product one of the most versatile choices. Let’s find out more about this tasty treat.Purina UR. I was at my wits end and buying gallons of Natures Miracle to clean up the pee in our house. It makes them drink more water which as we all know…water is important for health. I also give them Natural Balance Duck or Venison as a treat. I wouldn’t be able to afford to feed every cat a can of NB every day so I take 2 cans with 3 cups of water and mix in a blender. They all come running. Everyone is healthy again and no more pee issues. My vet said Purina UR is a great maintenance diet for all 30 of them. Even the ones who weren’t having health problems. The vet techs also recommended Purina Pro Plan Focus Adult Urinary Tract Health Formula Dry Cat Food because it’s cheaper than the UR. But I actually pay about the same or a little less for the UR as I paid for the Wellness. This is working so I’ll stay with this diet plan for them.