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My cat suddenly became very sick having daily seizures, vomiting several times a day, and episodes where her back legs were not working because her kidneys were shutting down. I really thought she was going to die. She had eaten Science Diet all her life, but it was when I bought a new bag in Nov 2013 that said "new improved formula" that she quickly became very sick. Then I found this site and other sites where so many dog & cat owners are linking their pet's illnesses to the new formula of Science Diet. I immediately took her food away and went out to buy another brand. She was better right away, no vomiting or seizures since and it's been a few weeks now. I really believe if I hadn't found this information and changed her food when I did my cat would have died. Please pass this on to every pet owner you know, Tweet or Facebook it to get the word out about this. Science Diet should recall this product but they won't do it until there is an uprising.
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My cats have been on the Science Diet food since they were kittens. They are now 3 and this new formula they are not eating. Seeing all these people's complaints makes me wonder if Science Diet plans on going back to old formula. I won't be buying the new formula food anymore. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what kind of food they switched to? Buy Hill's Science Diet pet food for dogs and cats online at 1800PetMeds. Choose from canned and dry pet food.Buy Hill's Science Diet Adult Light Formula Dry Cat Food for only $22.99 at Pet Food Direct, Pet Food DirectBuy Hill's Science Diet Mature Adult Hairball Control Dry Cat Food for only $41.99 at Pet Food Direct, Pet Food Direct
I bought a large bag of Hill's Science Diet Optimal Care in July. My three exclusively indoor, healthy cats have always been good eaters. The first time that I put this out, all three cats ate it. That was it, they ate it once and wouldn't go near it again. A few days later two of the cats started to vomit. All of them were lethargic, wouldn't eat anything and started to lose weight. All three continued to deteriorate. I took them to the vet and blood test showed severe renal failure. So far, we were able to save one with hydration to flush toxins out of the kidneys. One is very ill and still hanging on. The largest, most athletic and also biggest eater, died of kidney failure. In a matter of weeks, my entire, healthy animal family has been wiped out. As you would expect, I am heartsick about this. Please do not buy this food.I have had many cats which were raised on science diet, one which lived to be 25. I have had my younger cats on SD also but have noticed the fur on them turning white, one which is a Havana Brown. The fur started turning white about one week ago today. SD is on sale now at PetSmart but I'm not gong to buy it. I know the food is lacking something and with the price and risk it's not going to be worth the consequences.I have used Science Diet Original for over 15 years including when I ran a cat shelter. It was expensive yes but the health of the animals was worth it. It was the only thing I would buy my cats and it kept them healthy. I'm not sure what happened. You switched bags and decreased the amount in the bag and apparently changed the formula. I would have lived though unhappy with the new bag and decreased amount but the new formula is making my cats sick. My cats would only eat some when starving and throw up when they do. Their fur is rough and unhealthy. I have had to switch to another cat food for them to be okay. There is no point in spending the kind of money that your product costs anymore though I have done so in good faith for many years to the betterment of my pets. Why did you try to fix something that wasn't broken?